Nanya Technology Corporation Boosts Manufacturing Productivity With HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

Nanya Technology Corporation Boosts Manufacturing Productivity With HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) helps the world’s fourth-largest DRAM manufacturer accelerate AI projects from weeks to minutes
TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nanya Technology Corporation (Nanya) the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), has selected the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform to promote the continuous improvement of production yield, quality and cost by significantly accelerating the rollout of artificial intelligence (AI) projects in its fabs. With the new platform, Nanya’s data scientists can instantly set up, test and deploy new AI use cases to drive process improvements across all steps of the production process and advance the company’s smart-manufacturing strategy.

Nanya’s DRAM technology plays a critical role in many smart devices applied in cities, homes, offices, cars, the internet of things, and the cloud. Committed to continuous improvement to exceed customers’ requirements, AI and advanced analytics are strategic means for the company to detect deficiencies, prevent failures, and automate processes in its fabs across Taiwan.

In the past months, Nanya significantly increased the number of AI use cases. As the sophistication and scale of analytics environment increased, so did its complexity. In order to centralize and simplify processes to help data science teams accelerate their projects, Nanya selected the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform. This platform provides unique capabilities for deploying and operating Nanya’s AI and analytics workloads – in addition to consolidating its Kubernetes environment – and it helps Nanya execute its smart-manufacturing strategy to advance operational effectiveness and strengthen competitive edge.

“The HPE Ezmeral portfolio plays an essential role in our edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service strategy to help our clients turn data into insights and outcomes faster,” said Jon Wang, Managing Director Taiwan, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “We are excited to help Nanya Technology Corporation advance its continuous-improvement approach by accelerating the application of AI in its DRAM production.”

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform accelerates AI time to value

AI and analytics use cases at Nanya include, for example, early video inspection of components to reduce waste and increase quality, and predictive maintenance to avoid unplanned interruptions of production. Several teams at the company are permanently running multiple AI and advanced analytics projects in parallel, based on a wide range of apps and systems which are tailored for specific tasks and are distributed across the company’s sites.

To set up and train an AI model, data analysts at Nanya must deploy a specific combination of tools, frameworks, data sources and systems equipped with graphics processing units (GPU) which fit the unique requirements of the individual use case. Previously, it could take weeks to set up such an environment as tools had to be deployed manually, and data had to be moved to the appropriate GPU system.

The HPE Ezmeral Container Platform now gives all teams at Nanya a unified access to all distributed infrastructure and data sources – while multi-tenancy and data isolation ensure a logical separation between each project, group, or department. Data no longer have to be copied and transferred because the platform enables secure access to remote storage for containers. Moreover, the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform includes an “app store” for common AI and analytics tools and frameworks. Nanya’s data analysts can select open-source distributions for Spark, Kafka, and other frameworks as well as AI applications and install them with a single mouse click. As a result, Nanya was able to reduce the deployment time from weeks to minutes. Model training can now be started significantly earlier, accelerating the time to value of the company’s AI and analytics projects.

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