ncDatacampus Receives AT&T Fiber Ready Designation

ncDatacampus Receives AT&T Fiber Ready Designation

ncDatacampus, a 55-acre business park in Catawba County, North Carolina, recently received a data ready designation from AT&T. ncDatacampus becomes the first business park in the county to be so designated.

The fiber ready designation signals to new employers and businesses in the county and elsewhere the availability of high speed fiber connectivity. In a world where high speed connectivity is increasingly becoming a pre-requisite for most business operations, ncDatacampus is expected to attract investment into the county.

By attracting businesses to the park, the county economy and that of the entire state of North Carolina will get a boost. The initiative to develop the park is a joint effort by several cities and the county. The cities include Conover, Hickory (home to two major fiber optic cable manufacturers), Catawba and Maiden.  These communities realize that high speed fiber connectivity and digital facilities constitute a vehicle to sustainable economic development.

There are already several data centers near ncDatacampus, including Google data center in Lenoir, Facebook data center in Forest City and Walt Disney Co., AT&T and Wipro data centers in Kings Mountain. In addition, there is a huge Apple solar farm in the town of Maiden in the county. All these make the business park a prime location for additional data centers.

By connecting ncDatacampus to its large fiber optic network of 500, 000 route miles, AT&T is seeking to boost its business customer locations. By January, 2016, AT&T had added 1 million additional business customer locations – including more than 23,500 in North Carolina – to its fiber network since 2012.

AT&T offers businesses high-speed Internet access on its fiber network in every major metropolitan area in 21 states.

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