NetClaim Announces Strategic Partnership with Gradient AI and Joint Artificial Intelligence Product, Netclaim© Analytics, powered by Gradient AI©

NetClaim Announces Strategic Partnership with Gradient AI and Joint Artificial Intelligence Product, Netclaim© Analytics, powered by Gradient AI©

NetClaim clients benefit from the first ever artificial intelligence predictive solution at First Notice of Loss
PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NetClaim®, a leading software and services solution for insurance claims intake, and Gradient AI, the leading enterprise software provider of artificial intelligence solutions in the insurance industry have today announced their new partnership by launching their new artificial intelligence product, “Netclaim Analytics, powered by Gradient AI©.”

NetClaim’s industry leading First Notice collection methods are now coupled with Gradient’s artificial intelligence platform to bring the first ever artificial intelligence predictive solution providing accurate claim predictions at the moment of first notice of loss (FNOL) intake. The new product, Netclaim Analytics, powered by Gradient AI©, offers a revolutionary level of early decision support, resulting in better claims outcomes for NetClaim’s clients.

“Our clients will immediately benefit from this new product by catching many more of their largest most complex claims at the moment of FNOL,” said Haywood Marsh, General Manager, NetClaim. “Gradient delivers incredibly accurate artificial intelligence solutions to its client base of carriers, risk pools, TPAs, and PEOs. We are thrilled to blend their abilities with our vast FNOL expertise and data sets. We are already seeing demand for AI from our client base and are very excited about this new offering.”

“We could not be more thrilled to apply our artificial intelligence technology to this partnership with NetClaim. Our artificial intelligence models and expertise combined with NetClaim’s deep expertise in FNOL services will provide huge benefits to NetClaim clients on day one and continue to set the pace for change across the commercial insurance industry,” said Aaron Shapiro, Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Field Operations, Gradient AI.

Gradient’s artificial intelligence helps insurance professionals reduce claim costs, automate and improve underwriting results and increase operational efficiencies. The Gradient Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform boasts a proprietary dataset comprised of tens of millions of claims, which is complemented with several economic, health, and litigation datasets. This robust aggregation of data provides out-of-the-box claims and underwriting precision for new clients, and it is continuously refined with client-specific data over time.

Netclaim handles more than one million FNOL events each year creating the perfect blend of data for these models. NetClaim’s leading FNOL technology – including its high degree of quality with 99.9 percent accuracy and speed with claims dissemination accelerated from hours to minutes – will be combined with Gradient AI’s solution to provide customers insights more quickly than ever before.

About NetClaim

NetClaim provides agile, extremely accurate, fully configurable and easy-to-use claims reporting and dissemination. As the largest provider of outsourced first notice of loss (FNOL) in North America, NetClaim’s team of risk and insurance industry experts deliver the most advanced intake system in the industry, capable of enforcing client-specific rules while focusing on customer interaction. NetClaim’s integrity checks provide automated, real-time quality assurance, while a highly sophisticated dissemination and escalation engine supports complex logic and routing in multiple formats to provide customers with a leading edge on their claims intake process that pulls their capacity for innovation forward. For more information, visit

About Gradient AI

Gradient AI was founded in order to address the need for state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions designed specifically for the trillion-dollar insurance industry. AI has emerged as a disruptive force revolutionizing the way insurance professionals achieve their objectives, and Gradient is leading that charge. Our solutions include software and models utilized by many of the world’s most recognized insurance carriers, MGAs, TPAs, pools, PEOs and more. Gradient’s stellar client base continues to grow rapidly. Gradient’s team of expert data scientists and insurance technology experts have an exceptional history of building wildly successful insurance technology companies, with the most satisfied customers in the industry. At Gradient, we focus exclusively on delivering measurable results in your underwriting and claims operations. To learn more about Gradient AI, please visit
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