NetNumber buys SiRRAN and TD-Mobile for private wireless | Light Reading

NetNumber buys SiRRAN and TD-Mobile for private wireless | Light Reading

LOWELL, Mass. NetNumber, a leading provider of telecom software infrastructure and data services, announced today it has entered into agreements to acquire SiRRAN Communications Ltd and TD-Mobile AG. SiRRAN Communications Ltd provides mobile core network products and services for private networks, and portable, secure communications infrastructure. TD-Mobile AG, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), provides secure connections for private and public entities with connectivity to more than 1,500 mobile network operators (MNO) across the globe.

These acquisitions are the first for NetNumber, and complement and expand the company’s portfolio in the mobile core network to offer a broader range of end-to-end core network infrastructure, including evolved packet core (EPC) products and global connectivity services.

The expanded set of capabilities provided by SiRRAN and TD-Mobile will allow NetNumber’s more than 300 customers to derive even greater value from a future proofed and innovative cloud native mobile core infrastructure.

“These acquisitions come at a great time for NetNumber, as this expansion will fuel our continued strong growth,” said Kevin Peters, NetNumber President and Chief Executive Officer. “These companies open new markets for our combined solutions, and will bring enhanced

mobility capabilities to our customers and to the industry. Today’s announcement follows as another substantial step forward after the groundbreaking launch of our innovative TITAN.IUM interGENerational platform, and the transformation to an agile, cloud software

solution provider. NetNumber is well-positioned to serve and safeguard the networks of our premium global customers now and into the future, including in burgeoning areas such as private networks and 5G. I am pleased to welcome the SiRRAN and TD-Mobile teams to the
NetNumber family.”

According to Sue Rudd, Director Networks and Service Platforms for Strategy Analytics, “Private networks are a key growth area for operators as they provide controlled, secure access to specific groups. These acquisitions will enable NetNumber to expand their innovative approach to private networks and facilitate new capabilities to operators across both legacy and future networks.”

NetNumber’s software-based signaling-control, security, and subscriber database solutions accelerate delivery of new services like 5G and Private Networking across multi-generational networks, dramatically simplifying the core and reducing OpEx. These solutions span a range of network types from 2G-3G-4G to 5G delivered on the industry’s most-robust signaling platformsTITAN, a fully NFV-compliant solution, and TITAN.IUM, a cloud-native, InterGENerational solution.

“NetNumber has been at the forefront of telecom software infrastructure for many years,” explained Steve Legge, NetNumber Chief Operating Officer. “These acquisitions closely align with our core expertise and culture of innovation, bringing tremendous benefits to our company, our customers and the industry. We are excited to welcome the SiRRAN and TD-Mobile teams into the NetNumber family and bring the combined portfolio to market. We are continuing to invest in creating products and services that deliver on our mission of providing high value, cloud-centric solutions to our customers.”

SiRRAN Communications Ltd provides private mobile core network software for secure, reliable communications. SiRRAN’s NetCore LTE Solution is designed as a reduced-footprint virtual EPC and is the industry’s most flexible, lightweight and programmable private core network software. NetCore is ideally suited for use in a decentralized network model, and is deployed around the globe in tactical comms environments in support of defense and national security; public safety; and mining, oil and gas, and maritime industries.

TD-Mobile AG is an MVNO that uniquely enables subscribers to securely roam between private networks and a global network of more than 1,500 MNOs. This is an ideal solution for government and military agencies as well as enterprises operating in foreign countries that need to secure voice and data communications from the local mobile operator’s network.


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