New Symmetric Gbps Broadband Services from Verizon Fios

New Symmetric Gbps Broadband Services from Verizon Fios

As of January 14th, 2017, 7 million residences and businesses in the greater New York City area and other communities will benefit from Verizon’s instant Gbps broadband access. The new service will offer symmetric bandwidth – 750Mbs upload and 750Mbps download.

It is welcome news that Verizon FIOS, the leading fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband service provider is now offering near Gbps services. Since Google announced its residential 1Gbps fiber optic broadband access in Kansas City in 2012, many other providers have followed suit and deployed Gbps services throughout the United States. Over 50 service providers are operating 1Gbps services in the USA, providing a penetration of over 30 Million residences. See 1Gbps Broadband Penetration in the USA .

But unlike Verizon, most of these providers are offering Gbps services small niche communities. Other than AT&T Uverse, no single provider is offering Gbps broadband to 7 Million customers or more. Most of the 50 providers have1Gbps penetrations that are less than 1 Million. Moreover, Verizon FIOS already has a customer base of 29 Million with access to 100 or 150Mbs which can be upgraded to higher data rates in future.

Verizon also claims that most of the other service providers do not offer symmetric broadband services.

This development is a clear demonstration of Verizon’s continued committed to fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband access business and that wireline broadband is here to stay. When LTE was first rolled out by Verizon and other wireless providers, rumors were swelling that 5G LTE would soon make fiber to the home obsolete and that Verizon was going to give up on further FIOS developments. It is increasingly becoming obvious that 5G LTE is not a substitute for wireline broadband but only compliments it.

Verizon symmetrical high Gbps broadband will be available in the greater New York City area, Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Richmond. More coverage will be announced later in 2017.

The service will be deployed in some areas of Boston and Norfolk sometime in the first quarter of 2017. Customers should expect to pay a monthly subscription of $149.99 for broadband access and $169.99 for a broadband/TV/Voice bundle.

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