Nokia and Hiya Successfully Test Europe’s First Cloud-based VoLTE Network Integration for Call Protection

Nokia and Hiya Successfully Test Europe’s First Cloud-based VoLTE Network Integration for Call Protection

Test proves innovative cloud-based voice performance platform delivers real-time spam and fraud detection, modernizing voice with trust, identity and intelligence
SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hiya, the leading call performance management cloud, announced that its real-time spam and fraud detection service Hiya Protect has been successfully tested by Nokia’s cloud-native Telephony Application Server. The test marks the industry’s first VoLTE network integration through a public cloud service to a major European carrier and proves that Hiya Protect is able to accurately detect a variety of legitimate and illegitimate calls to keep subscribers protected from unwanted ones that are plaguing the telephony industry.

“Proving that open solutions like this can be effectively integrated and accurately detect spam calls is a big step in pushing the industry forward,” said Jitin Bhandari, Vice President of Core Network Products from Nokia. “This is the type of open cloud-based innovation and collaboration that is needed to solve nuisance/spam calls in networks and make the communication experience better for users across the globe.”

The test involved Hiya’s SaaS cloud interworking with Nokia’s cloud native, IMS-based Telephony Application Server to respond to the service delivery requirements of the dynamic, ever-changing telecommunications market. The test not only proved the success of Hiya’s sophisticated detection and alerting capabilities – including fraud, spam, legitimate callers and verified businesses – but proved the smooth integration of Nokia core solution with Hiya’s cloud. As a result, Nokia’s Telephony Application Server is properly issuing call events and enforcing the call instructions received by Hiya.

In order to meet industry standard service requirements, Hiya’s integration also showed minimal impact on call set-up time.

“This project was a critical step in addressing the needs of carriers to integrate a cloud-based solution at the network level,” said Alex Algard, CEO at Hiya. “Fraudsters and spammers are sophisticated and constantly change their tactics, so our solutions must outsmart them to stay a step ahead, which is why integrating at the network level through a public cloud service is such an important accomplishment.”

Hiya Protect goes beyond traditional security methods that depend on static blocking lists compiled from post-event data, customer complaints and shared known fraud lists. In addition to these methods, Hiya Protect analyzes calling events in real-time across the globe, informing machine learning trust models that stay ahead of the fluid landscape of calling behaviors and stop new scams as they emerge.

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