Nokia, Asavie create SD-WAN solution to meet demand for remote connectivity | Light Reading

Nokia, Asavie create SD-WAN solution to meet demand for remote connectivity | Light Reading

ESPOO, Finland Nokia today announced a partnership with Asavie to use its SD Edge mobility solution to extend the reach of the Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution to include enterprise mobile and IoT devices. Mobile users will be able to seamlessly and securely connect to enterprise clouds and applications without the hassle of using VPN clients on their devices. Enterprise IT teams will benefit greatly from using the same centralized policy and control for mobile access as the rest of the enterprise users and devices based in physical branch offices.

Nokia Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 is the industrys leading managed network connectivity solution for enterprises pursuing their digital transformation. Nuage SD-WAN allows enterprise IT managers to quickly connect physical branch, public/private cloud and SaaS services. It provides IT with a single-pane-of-glass from which, using policies, they can manage security and access to applications and data across the enterprise network.

The solution will now integrate the Asavie SD Edge, ensuring that mobile users will be able to effortlessly connect with all enterprise applications, across private and public cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS). The combined solution will ensure that enterprise users have a consistent and secure connectivity experience using any device, whether in the office or on the move.

For enterprise IT managers the integrated Nuage and Asavie solution will provide seamless end-to-end virtualized network visibility and control, via centralized policy management across physical branches, the public and private cloud environments, SaaS offerings and mobile and IOT devices. It will also provide managed communications service providers with a new and innovative way to deliver their fixed and mobile broadband networks to enterprises as a fully integrated, end-to-end managed network service.


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