Nova Southeastern University to Build Campus-Wide 5G Network With Mobilitie | Light Reading

Nova Southeastern University to Build Campus-Wide 5G Network With Mobilitie | Light Reading

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Mobilitie, the nation’s largest privately-held wireless infrastructure firm, will be bringing next-generation mobile connectivity to the students, staff and visitors of Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Recognizing the importance of reliable, ultra-fast wireless connectivity for its 20,000-plus student body, NSU tapped Mobilitie to create a cutting edge, campus-wide 5G wireless network.

The lush 314-acre campus hosts a student body pursuing undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees in a wide variety of fields including law, health care, education and social sciences, among others. Working closely with the university, Mobilitie will design, deploy and operate a neutral-host wireless network infrastructure capable of delivering on the needs of the school today but who’s modular design will also act as a foundation for future generations of wireless coverage.

NSU selected Mobilitie based on its vast experience deploying in the most complex environments, both indoor and outdoor. From massive small cell deployments in the U.S.’s biggest cities to custom-built distributed antenna systems (DAS) in major sports stadiums, Mobilitie has a proven track record of designing and deploying the optimal solution in any environment.

“We look forward to delivering robust, reliable and incredibly effective wireless access for the patrons of NSU. This is a uniquely forward-looking University and we are excited to be their partner for such a foundational element of the student experience,” said William Richmond, AVP of Wireless Solutions at Mobilitie.


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