NTT Communications, RagingWire to Invest in Another Datacenter in Ashburn, VA

NTT Communications, RagingWire to Invest in Another Datacenter in Ashburn, VA

NTT Communications, through its premier datacenter provider, RagingWire Data Centers announced that they will invest $160 million to develop a new DataCenter in Ashburn, VA, in the center of the so-called ‘Data Center Alley’. The RagingWire VA3 datacenter constitutes phase 1 of a massive Ashburn datacenter campus development which will accommodate six buildings on Ashburn’s 76.5 acre site. The VA3 datacenter with 245,000 square feet and 16 MW of power, is expected to be operational by the end of 2017.

The announcement by NTT Communications and RagingWire were made at the 2016 Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure, and Operations Management Conference that was held in Las Vegas from December 5-8. The data center event is one of the largest conferences for leaders in the industry.

The VA3 datacenter is RagingWire’s third datacenter in Ashburn after VA1 and VA2. The combination of VA1, VA2 and VA3 leads to a datacenter footprint exceeding half a million square feet of space and 44.4 MW of power, with on-site security officers, multi-layered security systems, efficient cooling and carrier-neutral colocation including direct connectivity to top cloud providers and other datacenters in the Ashburn datacenter alley. In the USA, RagingWire has a 1.2-million-square-foot datacenter platform, which includes CA1, CA2, and CA3 in California and TX1 in Dallas, Texas, as well as NTT’s global datacenter services platform operated as Nexcenter.

The investment in VA3 by RagingWire and NTT Communications will help boost the Virginia economy by creating jobs and supporting the exemption from the Virginia Sales and Use Tax on qualified equipment purchases by RagingWire and its customers. This exemption results in millions of dollars of savings for RagingWire customers and encourage businesses to establish or expand their IT and business operations in Virginia.

The VA3 datacenter will realize high levels of availability, flexibility, and International reach. The datacenter facility features a flexible electrical design building on RagingWire’s patented and award-winning 2N+2TM power delivery system to offering wholesale clients purchasing entire vaults the option of dedicated electrical solutions including N+1 and 2N. Vaults will be available in increments of two to four MW, and there will be space and power available for multi-rack cages that can expand over time. There will be three different fiber optic entrances to the datacenter facility, reliable and cost efficient utility electricity from Dominion Virginia Power, a secure gated entrance and anti-climb perimeter fence, and world-class customer facilities including lounges, breakrooms, a game room, a gym, locker rooms and showers, conference rooms, and office space.

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