Off Topic: Gary Smith on blending photography, philanthropy | Light Reading

Off Topic: Gary Smith on blending photography, philanthropy | Light Reading

The Light Reading podcast is going off-topic. As folks are winding down for the holiday weekend, we’ve recorded an episode featuring a noted telecom luminary talking about a bunch of stuff that has nothing at all to do with broadband, open RAN or SD-WAN.

Ciena CEO Gary B. Smith joins the podcast to discuss his journey as a photographer how he got started, his 20-year photography drought and the hows and whys behind his current work. Smith’s recent series of black and white landscape photos frequently highlight the interplay of water, light and motion on manmade structures and serene terrain. In much of the work, Smith applies the same techniques to alternately depict urgent motion and calming stillness, depending on the scene in front of him. It’s minimalist, moody and maniacally composed a specific point of view featuring vistas that you won’t recognize as tourist spots or Instagram-worthy landmarks.

Suspended Reflection

Smith is partnering with the Breast Cancer Alliance to support its mission of funding early-stage research and making healthcare available to as many women as possible. He says the proceeds from some of his limited edition gallery prints will be directed to the Breast Cancer Alliance and its programs.

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Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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