Pluribus Networks and Dell EMC rack up data center customer win

Pluribus Networks and Dell EMC rack up data center customer win

Pluribus Networks once again teamed up with Dell EMC to modernize two data centers for Anana. Anana is a provider of cloud-based customer experience solutions helping companies such as Marks and Spencer and Vodacom orchestrate their customer communications.The deal with Anana followed on the heels of Pluribus and Dell EMC making similar announcements recently with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and Italy’s Scavolini.

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As part of data center upgrade, Anana deployed Pluribus’ Netvisor ONE network operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric running on Dell EMC Open Networking Switches as key elements of its data center modernization project.

With Anana focusing on ensuring that businesses can engage with customers more efficiently, its network team realized that delivering on this promise to its customers required a high-performance, highly automated infrastructure to unify its two data centers and enable more agile service delivery.

Anana needed to be able to see traffic flows from across the entire network in order to be faster in identifying and responding to troubleshooting issues. Anana also required deep network slicing across the control, management and data planes to segment application and customer traffic.

With Pluribus, Anana can see the entire fabric, troubleshoot the entire fabric or update policy across the fabric. This new level of automation allows Anana to better serve customers while making its own operations more efficient and cost-effective.

“With Pluribus’ controllerless SDN and Adaptive Cloud Fabric, we can dynamically move virtual machines, applications and workloads between data centers, and do maintenance without impacting customers. We can update policy across the entire network with a single command. We’re improving our service levels and customer satisfaction at the same time. Our network is highly automated, enabling us to better serve our business, and our business to better serve our customers,” said Gareth Evans, Anana’s infrastructure manager.

Last year, Pluribus announced the latest version Netvisor ONE operating system paired with its Adaptive Cloud Fabric. Version 5.0 of Netvisor ONE OS was designed to provide improved scalability, automation and network-slicing functionality in order to support emerging edge compute use cases and distributed cloud architectures.

In tandem with the latest version of Netvisor ONE, Pluribus also previously announced a new partner ecosystem that includes hardware partners Dell EMC and Edgecore along with Red Hat, MobiledgeX and Vapor IO.

Without the need for an SDN controller, Pluribus’ architecture taps into the power inside of the switches that are already deployed, distributing intelligence to every switch in the network. In addition to lowering the cost by eliminating multiple controllers, it also improves performance, according to Pluribus.

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