Podcast: Don’t Call Us an SD-WAN Provider – Cato Networks | Light Reading

Podcast: Don’t Call Us an SD-WAN Provider – Cato Networks | Light Reading

Mitch Wagner


Cato Networks would rather you didn’t call them an SD-WAN provider anymore. Instead, Cato is delivering a new kind of service — Secure Access Service Edge — or SASE (pronounced “sassy”).

SASE is a catchphrase coined by analysts at Gartner over the summer, and it comprises SD-WAN, security and mobile and cloud connectivity, delivered over the cloud.

Dave Greenfield, secure network evangelist for Cato Networks, joins us to discuss what the transition means, why SD-WAN alone is no longer a fit for the industry, and whether gelato is better than Ben & Jerry’s.

Learn more about how SD-WAN is transforming service providers at Light Reading’s SD-WAN content channel.

“SD-WAN addressed some of the issues we had, but didn’t address all of them,” says Greenfield. “Gartner recognized this and created this category, the Secure Access Service Edge, a converged networking and security service delivered from the cloud, anywhere in the world.”

Cato, which was a finalist for a Light Reading Leading Lights award in 2016, has been doing SASE for years, says Greenfield, but now the industry — and buzzwords — have caught up. “SD-WAN is just a small part of what we do,” says Greenfield.

Greenfield and I also talk about underlying reasons for the transition, SD-WAN’s effect on the confidence that service providers’ enterprise customers have in their networks, and whether gelato is just fancy ice cream.

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