Podcast: Gluware’s Haugh on advancing network automation | Light Reading

Podcast: Gluware’s Haugh on advancing network automation | Light Reading

Network automation has become increasingly important as a “very strategic enabler” to manage the network and maintain business continuity, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic where many employees are working remotely, says Gluware’s Mike Haugh.

As VP of product marketing for Gluware, Haugh works closely with enterprises in advancing network automation and software-based control of the network via tools such as intent-based networking. On this Light Reading podcast, Haugh provides an update on the evolution of enterprise network automation and how Gluware uses software-defined networking concepts to “treat the underlying network infrastructure as code and then interact with it programmatically.”

Service providers and enterprises alike rely on their networks for ecommerce, communications and much more, especially as workers are remotely connected while social distancing. Haugh notes that if a company’s “critical resources are human, and you can’t get something delivered, that automation becomes a lot more important.”

In addition, Haugh explains what challenges enterprises face in automating brownfield multi-vendor networks, his recommendations for how enterprises can begin their automation journey and how automation frees up employees from being bogged down by manual network management tasks.

The Light Reading podcast is available on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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