Podcast: What’s the story with SD-WAN? | Light Reading

Podcast: What’s the story with SD-WAN? | Light Reading

Welcome to ‘What’s the Story,’ a new, short podcast from Light Reading where we take a step back from the most significant topics in telecom to tell you the latest news, how we got here, what it means and what to expect next.

On today’s episode, we talk with Light Reading Senior Editor Kelsey Ziser about SD-WAN. Kelsey recently reported on developments around SD-WAN, including new partnerships between AT&T and Cisco, as well as projections for the SD-WAN market going forward. Plus, just this week, HPE announced it will purchase SD-WAN vendor Silver Peak for nearly $1 billion.

Kelsey joins the show to tell us what it all means, why it matters and what’s likely to happen next.

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Nicole Ferraro, contributing editor and host of What’s the Story, Light Reading

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