Qube-MRS Joins Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, Supporting Cross-Utilization of 5G Infrastructure

Qube-MRS Joins Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, Supporting Cross-Utilization of 5G Infrastructure

Qube-MRS’s experience in 5G infrastructure solutions enables collection of real-time data and global adoption of smart cities and smart connected spaces applications
GAINESVILLE, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Qube-MRS today announced that it has joined the Qualcomm® Smart Cities Accelerator Program to help facilitate connectivity for smart city development via the application of its 4G and 5G small cell infrastructure solutions. Qube-MRS manufactures a unique line of 4G and 5G small cell poles and cabinets that double as smart city component hosting points and thousands of Qube small cell shrouds and smart poles are installed across the U.S., from California to New Jersey.

The network densification required to make 5G a reality, includes installation of hundreds of thousands of small cells in cities. With each cell containing the capability to provide power and fiber optic connectivity, small cells are the ideal collocation point for smart city hardware. Whether collocated in a 5G small cell or installed as a stand-alone smart pole, Qube shrouds can support smart city componentry including cameras, environmental sensors, vehicle and pedestrian counters, banners and digital signage.

Launched in 2019 as part of the Qualcomm® Advantage Network, the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program is designed to connect cities, municipalities, government agencies, and enterprises with an ecosystem of providers to help deliver greater efficiencies, cost savings, safety, and sustainability. By connecting members looking for smart city solutions, the program aims to enrich lives through the accelerated transformation of city infrastructure and services.

“When applied to smart cities programs, Qube-MRS smart poles will be an essential component of smart spaces to help address the technical and equipment complexities associated with 5G deployments by providing solutions to help simplify the construction and installation process,” said Sanjeet Pandit, senior director, business development and global head of Smart Cities, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to have Qube-MRS join the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, as their smart pole systems will play an integral role in supporting our growing ecosystem of IoT solution providers, enhancing the efficiency of smart cities globally.”

“We are proud to join the highly regarded Qualcomm Smart City Accelerator Program,” said Joe Page, Qube-MRS Chief Executive Officer. “Membership in the Qualcomm Smart City Accelerator Program will give us the opportunity to lend our unique, hands-on expertise – gained through thousands of roadside infrastructure installations – to the municipalities and integrators who are working to make widespread smart cities a reality across the globe. We look forward to working with other members of the Qualcomm Smart City Accelerator Program and sharing the lessons Qube-MRS has learned involving the integration of smart city hardware into our products.”

About Qube-MRS

All Qube-MRS products are manufactured in their fabrication facility in Gainesville, GA. Premium quality materials, superior workmanship and exhaustive testing make Qube-MRS’s value proposition unequaled in the industry. Qube-MRS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Qualcomm is a trademark or registered trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated.

Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program and Qualcomm Advantage Network are programs of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.
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