Red River Launches Managed SD-WAN Solution to Deliver Simplified WAN Management

Red River Launches Managed SD-WAN Solution to Deliver Simplified WAN Management

CLAREMONT, N.H. & CHANTILLY, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Red River, a technology transformation company, today unveiled a fully managed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution. Red River Managed SD-WAN leverages the company’s award-winning Managed Services and Cisco SD-WAN technology to deliver advanced enterprise networking capabilities to the public sector and enterprise markets.

Managed SD-WAN provides organizations greater flexibility, control and management over their network. This solution enables wide area network management over dispersed geographical locations. Through three 24x7x365 Network Operation Centers (NOCs), Red River’s Managed Services team delivers additional operational support and technical expertise to help maximize a customer’s return on investment. With Managed SD-WAN, Red River takes the burden off internal IT staff so they can stay focused on strategic initiatives instead of day-to-day WAN management operations.

“SD-WAN is a core component in the future of networking, and organizations recognize the advantages of adopting it into their environment; however, without continued operational support, it’s difficult to realize its full value,” said Kevin Steeprow, Red River’s VP of Engineering. “Our managed solution enables anyone to leverage software-defined technologies so that they can optimize productivity while reducing cost and complexity yet continue to address security needs; regardless of their IT capabilities.”

Red River has partnered with Cisco for the development and launch of Managed SD-WAN. By leveraging Cisco SD-WAN technology, Red River seeks to provide a comprehensive networking solution that focuses on advanced Cisco hardware and software with Red River managed services support. Red River is one of an elite group of providers that can deliver a FedRAMP-accredited SD-WAN solution to the federal government.

Red River has been a Cisco Gold Partner since 2008, and last year was named Cisco’s U.S. Federal Partner of the Year and Federal Software and Services Partner of the Year.

Red River Managed SD-WAN can be integrated to support enterprise use cases such as government agencies, universities, hospitals, factories and more. For more information, visit

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