RF Code’s Trey Evans To Discuss Best Practices for Managing Edge Computing Environments at DCD>Dallas

RF Code’s Trey Evans To Discuss Best Practices for Managing Edge Computing Environments at DCD>Dallas

Join RF Code at DCD on October 21 to hear Evans talk about edge deployments and how to address their inherent challenges
AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RF Code, a leading provider of real-time physical asset management and environmental monitoring solutions for data centers, today announced that Trey Evans, Senior Director of Customer Engagement, will provide an overview on the best practices for managing demanding remote and edge computing environments at his presentation Look Before You Leap: Managing at the Edge at the DCD conference in Dallas on October 21.

According to Gartner, enterprises are expected to move up to 50% of their data outside traditional cloud and data center deployments and move more data to the edge. Given this migration, there is greater need for insight and control of these unstaffed, highly distributed and difficult to monitor facilities. Evans will discuss types of edge deployments, the challenges of managing edge locations, and how to address those challenges with monitoring and visibility. With a comprehensive edge management strategy, organizations are able to better address costs and compliance, as well as mitigate operational risks.

“DCD is an important conference for us. It brings together senior leaders to discuss the next generation of data center infrastructure and management,” said RF Code’s Trey Evans. “I’m looking forward to helping enterprises understand how edge deployments fit into this evolution of data centers and how to effectively manage the organizational risks presented by these critical facilities.”

Visit RF Code at DCD Dallas in booth 14B in the expo hall demoing RF Code for Edge, a complete management and solution for edge data centers. It provides enterprises with real-time visibility and insight into edge deployments, offering enterprises the peace of mind of a comprehensive edge management strategy.

About RF Code

RF Code is the leading provider of critical asset tracking and protection solutions. RF Code’s solution—consisting of sensors, dedicated infrastructure and powerful CenterScape software platform—replaces expensive and inaccurate manual processes with real-time intelligence, enabling organizations to reduce costs and reduce risk of downtime by improving asset utilization, increasing operational efficiency, and enhancing risk mitigation.

RF Code solutions track more than three million sensors worldwide, and have delivered over $100 million in savings to hundreds of customers, including more than half of the internet and telecommunications companies in the Fortune 500. RF Code is based in Austin, Texas, with partners around the world. Additional information can be found at http://www.rfcode.com.
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