Sail Internet, Inc. Addresses the “Digital Divide” in San Jose, CA Retirement Community

Sail Internet, Inc. Addresses the “Digital Divide” in San Jose, CA Retirement Community

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sail Internet, Inc. continues its mission to bring fiber-sourced, high speed internet to underserved neighborhoods in the Bay Area where the “digital divide” exacerbates inequality.

Sail Internet Addressing the Digital Divide at Hilltop Manor, in San Jose.

Hilltop Manor in San Jose is a retirement community where most residents live on fixed incomes. Until recently, only one internet service option was available to the community: AT&T DSL whose speeds topped out at 3Mbps downloads and even slower upload speeds. Despite many attempts to address problems, the community has been saddled with outdated infrastructure and nothing has improved residents’ experience. Sail Internet delivered modern internet to the community in August and dramatically changed the landscape.

“Sail has tremendously upgraded the speed and dependability for our residents who have complained for years about the terrible service. Sail has been wonderful to work with and they seek to meet the needs of our community at Hilltop Manor.”

— Phil Steffeck, Administrator, Hilltop Manor

Sail designed a solution that uses fixed wireless to extend the fiber experience and installed groundbreaking new technology that enables fiber-caliber internet speeds to be run over existing telephone lines.

“Everything is going well. I am so appreciative of your company for my internet setup. I have been trying to upgrade my internet speed for over two years!” said resident Sharyn Smith.

Sail’s new technology runs high speed signals over old school cabling and can easily deliver 300Mbps downloads and potentially 300Mbps uploads to the community. After installation, reports from residents exceeded even those standards.

Sail Internet’s Head of Business Development, Javier Quezada summed this up, “We knew we could outperform Hilltop’s previous internet speeds but what we’ve seen blew us all away. The average customer is seeing speeds that are well over 300Mbps and in some cases, over 500Mbps!”

In a world where broadcast information and entertainment is losing relevance, access to truly high-speed internet can increase the quality of life in a community. No longer a luxury, high-speed internet is a necessity. This is the “digital divide” that affects many marginalized communities. Whether separated by income, age, or neighborhood, many communities have been cut off from the ability to communicate, shop, learn, and gather vital information. Sail Internet aims to bridge this divide by delivering truly high-speed internet service to the underserved.

Said Quezada, “Because of the way Sail Internet is harnessing fiber and fixed wireless technologies, Hilltop Manor residents are no longer being left behind in a digital world. They enjoy unlimited data to stream, work, or access information.”

About Sail Internet

Sail Internet creates choice in high speed internet where the big names dominate and brings service where competitors don’t. Our fiber + fixed-wireless service delivers internet to businesses, single-family homes, and multi-unit complexes in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Chula Vista area. Sail requires no contracts for residential service, has no data caps for customer use and is net neutral. With speeds that exceed most ISPs’ basic packages, Sail Internet nonetheless offers competitive pricing.

Founded in 2015 by experts and innovators from the internet access industry, Sail Internet is led by Kevin Fisher, PhD, Stanford University, former Engineering VP at 2Wire and Ikanos and George Ginis, PhD, also from Stanford and ASSIA.
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