Skywire Networks Delivers Multi-Gigabit Connectivity to its 500th Building in NYC

Skywire Networks Delivers Multi-Gigabit Connectivity to its 500th Building in NYC

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Skywire Networks, one of the fastest growing Ethernet providers in New York City, announced today that it has recently “lit” its 500th building, a major milestone for the company in its 5 years of network buildout. In addition to lighting 500 buildings, Skywire has also built 35 major distribution hubs throughout NYC, resulting in a near-net coverage area of 39,000+ commercial buildings.

“We are incredibly excited to reach the 500th lit building milestone. Unlike most fiber providers that have focused exclusively on midtown and downtown Manhattan, our footprint covers the rest of the city,” said Alan Levy, CEO of Skywire Networks. “There is a shortage of quality carriers able to provide Gigabit Ethernet access to businesses throughout NYC. Skywire is passionate about filling this void in the marketplace.”

The Skywire Network and coverage area is especially strong in the boroughs of NYC, where demand for high-quality broadband far outweighs available, affordable supply. The company’s near-net coverage area includes:

More than 80% of the near-net buildings above are challenged by not having high-quality, SLA Gigabit capable network services in place. Furthermore, if a Skywire competitor can actually “light” the building, significant additional costs such as special construction often drive up rates considerably. Skywire Networks does not charge for special construction for getting their network to qualified, published near-net buildings.

Skywire sells wholesale Ethernet Private lines to other carriers as well as Skywire-branded voice and data services to channel partners and agents. Skywire also offers a robust MPLS network as well as UCASS solutions covering the entire US. Skywire recently launched its Partner Portal, where registered users enter a NYC address to immediately determine if Skywire can provide high-speed connectivity, on either (or both) of their terrestrial and aerial MPLS networks, as well as the expected installation interval and the pricing. In addition to the near-net footprint, Skywire has established interconnects with over 30 major fiber providers across the US.

Skywire invites all carriers and channel partners looking for high-quality NYC broadband access to reach out to Michael DenBlaker, Skywire’s Director of Wholesale Carrier services at [email protected] or (646)-722-7215, and to sign up for the partner portal:


Skywire Networks is one of the fastest growing Ethernet providers in New York City, with more than 500 lit buildings, 35 distribution hubs, and a near-net footprint of over 39,000+ commercial buildings. The company provides both direct and wholesale Ethernet Private Lines and Internet with speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 10Gbps. Skywire Networks addresses the problem of poor fiber density in NYC by leveraging various edge technologies to deliver SLA, fiber-class throughput, and connectivity.

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