SolarWinds Gives IT Pros New Levels of Hybrid IT Support With Enhanced IT Operations Management Portfolio

SolarWinds Gives IT Pros New Levels of Hybrid IT Support With Enhanced IT Operations Management Portfolio

Introduces new and improved software-defined solutions support, AWS and Azure workload troubleshooting and visibility, and full-stack application and infrastructure monitoring capabilities
AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced enhancements across its IT operations management portfolio built to meet the needs of IT professionals operating in hybrid IT realities and responding to economic pressures. SolarWinds further extends its commitment to empowering the IT pro community by offering the ability to monitor, manage, and secure IT across hybrid and multi-cloud environments of any scale and size.

With today’s mass global adoption of remote operations, complexity and scale have raised the stakes for IT pros tasked with keeping workforces running at optimal performance against increased strains on applications, servers, databases, infrastructure, and networks—and the budgets on which they rely. The importance of technology in fueling business success during times of crisis highlights the need for complete, end-to-end IT operations management solutions able both to scale for demand and to simplify complexity. Further, the ability to consolidate to a single provider offering full-stack visibility at a fraction of the price other vendors charge, and with the flexibility of both subscription pricing and perpetual licensing options, allows organization of all sizes to meet today’s challenges reliably and sets them up for even greater success moving forward.

“The world has been changed by recent events, and the demands we’ve seen on IT departments are familiar, but on a scale we’ve never seen before,” said Lee McClendon, SVP, product, IT operations management, SolarWinds. “Our recent updates to the IT operations management portfolio highlight our unique ability to give IT pros the certainty they need regardless of where their assets reside, the size of their company, or the macro factors impacting IT departments. No other vendor offers the same ease of use, full-stack visibility, and affordability delivered through a connected set of solutions that build as needs arise—no matter how great or small.”

Updates to the SolarWinds IT operations management portfolio showcase how SolarWinds is extending its promise to help IT pros achieve scale, simplification, and streamline hybrid IT toolsets by offering complete visibility. The updates include new versions of network, systems, and database management products to deliver unprecedented depth in monitoring end-to-end hybrid commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom application delivery and performance.

“Today, a hybrid IT approach to monitoring and management requires having visibility into the entire tech stack, including COTS, custom, and SaaS-delivered applications, as well as beyond the firewall,” McClendon said. “Monitoring every app and every part of the infrastructure counts, so having an affordable solution with flexibility enabling tech pros to troubleshoot quickly and ensure performance is at the heart of the updates we’re delivering across our portfolio. We give IT pros what they need to manage their environments in a hybrid world.”

The full list of SolarWinds IT operations management portfolio new features and updates across on-premises and hybrid IT solutions includes:

Expanded software-defined solutions support to help bridge the gap between physical and virtual networks

SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager

New HCI monitoring support for Nutanix® to help eliminate visibility gaps and reduce toolset requirements. AHV virtual performance monitoring gives full control of virtual environments hosted on Nutanix infrastructure. Tech pros can now monitor, alert, and manage virtual workloads on the most popular hypervisors Nutanix supports (VMware®, AHV, Hyper-V®).

New support for Nutanix to map applications with underlying hypervisors and infrastructure layers to provide visibility into the overall health and status of environments. Hardware health for OS-supported hardware allows tech pros to be alerted if there are any hardware faults or issues.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

New Nutanix Ready Certified. This certification indicates Server & Application Monitor can run on the Nutanix AHV hypervisor and uses the Nutanix REST APIs to work with AHV.

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Server virtualization is ubiquitous. As a result, SolarWinds has added foundational visibility into NetFlow data from VMware vSphere® distributed switches, allowing filtering of east-west traffic on specific hypervisors to help IT pros avoid service impacts when moving workloads—all in a single pane of glass.

SolarWinds User Device Tracker

New SD-WAN support for Viptela® vEdge® provides a detailed port connection history for Viptela vEdge devices and capability to monitor for new connected devices for operations management and performance analysis.

Enhanced Azure® and AWS® troubleshooting and visibility for workloads moving to the cloud

SolarWinds Service Desk

New AWS integration auto-populates AWS resources into SolarWinds Service Desk, enabling IT pros to now have visibility into their AWS assets. With the new line of sight, IT pros can help reduce overspending and risk levels while improving IT service management.

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

New database coverage for PostgreSQL® includes support for AWS, Azure, and on-premises environments, allowing DBAs to quickly pinpoint DBaaS and PaaS problems.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

New Azure network visibility into Azure site-to-site connections, client VPNs, and ExpressRoutes now allows for IT pros to abandon the time-consuming reconciliation process between their on-premises and cloud deployments. This hybrid monitoring solution exposes critical data necessary for VPN status and performance metrics and effectively completes our hybrid monitoring offering for Azure vNet Gateways.

Increased full-stack application and infrastructure monitoring

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

New API poller templates enhance support for modern applications and infrastructure performance monitoring. With the new API poller templates, users have additional flexibility in how they can gather, sort, alert, and report on performance metrics from on-premises infrastructure and SaaS-based applications and workloads.

New Office 365 monitoring templates for IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS application services, helping take the guesswork out of what’s essential to monitor on a per-application and -infrastructure basis.

SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor

New database visibility into Microsoft SQL, MySQL®, and PostgreSQL now allows IT pros to continuously monitor for changes made to users, permissions, and objects that could impact the performance of business-critical applications in hybrid and cloud environments or indicate a security incident.

SolarWinds Orion® Platform

New Time Travel in Orion Maps lets IT pros go back in time to investigate issues from the past across their on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments. The new feature generates a historical performance analysis, providing customers with meaningful context and clarity to their data and ensuring the totality of what it takes to deliver a service is easily understood.

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