Sprint SD-WAN; Ethernet Over Copper,DOCSIS

Sprint SD-WAN; Ethernet Over Copper,DOCSIS

To most people familiar with Sprint, the understanding is that Sprint only offers wireless communication services. Not anymore, Sprint recently introduced a global wireline division and they currently offer wireline access services over twisted pair copper using DSL technology and hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) using DOCSIS technology. Sprint announced that it will soon boost these services by including Ethernet over Copper (EoC) and Ethernet over DOCSIS (EoDOCSIS) services. Sprint is also working on an SD-WAN solution.

Ethernet over copper is a popular alternative to DSL and legacy T1 or bonded T1 lines that can be delivered over twisted pair copper cable. The main advantage of EoC is that it can provide comparable speeds to bonded T1 lines at a fraction of the cost. Ethernet over copper solution is designed to operate over existing twisted copper cables in the Sprint’s network to transport Ethernet signals.

Since the physical layer transporting Ethernet over copper (used in phone lines) is different from that used in conventional Cat5,6 Ethernet cable, special adapters are required to connect devices to EoC.

The Ethernet over DOCSIS solution uses existing hybrid fiber coaxial or cable in the Sprint network to deliver Ethernet to the end user.  EoDOCSIS offers lower cost per bandwidth compared to broadband over cable using standard DOCSIS.

Sprint indicated that the technology enhancements will support symmetrical speeds of 2Mbps to 10 Mbps. Enterprises will receive installation, service level agreements, choice of different service levels and access to the Sprint’s Compass Management Tool. The access technologies enable individuals and enterprises to access the company’s Ethernet services across the United States and in 123 countries.

Sprint’s Ethernet access services come at a time when the company plans to collaborate with VeloCloud to offer a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions for businesses. The company said that the combination of lower-cost Ethernet over copper and Ethernet over DOCSIS with the cost savings in SD-WAN solution allows them to provide both.

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is an application of software defined networking (SDN) applied to wide area networks (WANs). The SD-WAN technology enables the migration of network control to the “cloud,” and automates the configuration of edge routers and enables real-time traffic management over multiple network links. SD-WAN can be configured to use a combination of the Internet and private networks such as MPLS and Carrier Ethernet.

Sprint’s International wireline division was founded in 2016. The division solution offering includes a global MPLS network, Tier 1 dedicated internet access available in over 155 countries; global SIP trunking and SIP toll-free voice services; a unified communications platform; managed network and security services; online network management solutions; and wireless and wireline broadband access solutions.

For more information on Sprint wireline solutions or solutions from other carriers anywhere in the world, drop us a message on the Fiberguide Networking Solutions page.

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