Tasktop Announces Limited Release of Tasktop Viz, Offering First-ever Way of Measuring Flow of Business Value in Software Delivery

Tasktop Announces Limited Release of Tasktop Viz, Offering First-ever Way of Measuring Flow of Business Value in Software Delivery

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#devops–Tasktop, the leader in Value Stream Integration, today announced here at the DevOps Enterprise Summit the limited availability of Tasktop Viz, the first purpose-built tool to implement the Flow Framework™. It accomplishes this by using Tasktop’s connector technology to automatically extract the end-to-end tool data that underpins software delivery, and then translating that data into a common language that business leaders understand.

All too often, technology delivery seems disconnected from business goals, despite extensive investments in digital transformations. CIOs and business stakeholders lack a common language to measure whether investments in innovation and emerging technologies are delivering business results and struggle to precisely identify the real source of inefficiencies. Viz provides the prescription for truly transforming the enterprise, equipping IT and business leaders with the information they need to succeed.

“Adopting the Flow Framework means rising above the proxy metrics that lead so many transformations astray, and elevating the conversation to how software impacts revenue, cost of operation, customer retention, susceptibility to security breaches and the happiness and productivity of your staff,” said Dr. Mik Kersten, PhD, best-selling author of Project to Product, creator of the Flow Framework, and co-founder and CEO of Tasktop. “Viz provides IT organizations with business-level dashboards to run their software portfolio at any scale, providing the most critical underpinning needed to steer a successful Agile and DevOps transformation.”

Viz allows enterprise organizations to see where the bottlenecks are across thousands or tens of thousands of IT staff to provoke the right conversations and measure the journey to product-centric operations. It provides:

Prescriptive metrics, implementing the Flow Framework for the shift from project to product with data for each value stream: end to end, ideation to revenue.

A turnkey solution for rapid time to value with out of the box metrics dashboards for business users.

Instant, integrated visibility with the Flow Metrics from the end-to-end value stream.

Viz spells the end of ETL and data lake dependencies; custom coding; data manipulation; and long lead times. Tasktop’s one-of-a-kind modeling instantly aligns, reconciles and abstracts cross-tool data into actionable measurements of flow. Customers can model each of their product value stream across a heterogeneous tools landscape, encompassing not only development to release, but inclusive of the ideation phases upstream and operation phases downstream, adding immediate value to the enterprise. All of this is accomplished without the need to code or change the workflow.

A cloud-based solution that accommodates every tool, team and process, Viz requires no premature changes to existing org structures or technical infrastructure.

“As software is eating the world, traditional enterprises and agencies are failing in their digital transformations as they struggle to compete,” said Neelan Choksi, president and COO of Tasktop. “With the introduction of Viz, we now provide these organizations with a powerful combination: Tasktop Viz shows them their bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and Tasktop Integration Hub helps remove those bottlenecks. We are so excited to deliver the all-encompassing technology needed to meet Dr. Kersten’s groundbreaking vision of the future as detailed in Project to Product and his practical guide to get organizations to that future via the Flow Framework.”

Tasktop Viz is available in limited release today. It will be available in general release in January 2020. More about Viz can be found at Dr. Kersten’s blog post here and in a video here.

About TasktopTasktop — a leader in Value Stream Integration and Management — automates and visualizes the flow of product-critical information across the software delivery value stream, from initial customer request to delivery, and back through the customer feedback loop for continuous improvement. Tasktop Hub integrates 60 best-of-breed tools, breaking through silos such as business planning, development, support and operations, and turns those weeks of wait time into seconds. Tasktop Viz allows enterprise organizations to see where the bottlenecks are across thousands or tens of thousands of IT staff, and to remove those bottlenecks with Tasktop Hub. Together, the two tools provide the data-driven visibility and infrastructure needed to survive and thrive through a large-scale digital transformation. The backbone of the most impactful Agile and DevOps transformations worldwide, the company’s customers are the global leaders in financial services, insurance, government and manufacturing, many of whom are in the Fortune 100, including 11 of the world’s top banks, the top six health plans and four of the top 10 US insurance companies.

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