TIBCO Recognizes Global Customer Achievements at TIBCO NOW 2020

TIBCO Recognizes Global Customer Achievements at TIBCO NOW 2020

Innovative Organizations and Individuals Honored with the Inaugural TIBCO Lighthouse Awards
PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#TIBCONOW–TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in enterprise data, empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world’s most complex data-driven challenges. Today, TIBCO announced the winners of the inaugural TIBCO Lighthouse Awards, which recognize enterprises and individual innovators that leverage technology in revolutionary ways. These organizations and individuals transform IT into a strategic differentiator to fuel business growth, operational excellence, and outstanding customer experiences. The awards, presented as part of the TIBCO Connected Experience at TIBCO NOW 2020, highlight customers for accomplishing tangible and substantial business results using TIBCO technologies, demonstrating ingenuity in meeting the demands of the digital economy, and exemplifying the impact of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform.

“Our Lighthouse Award winners exemplify how innovation comes from applying technology intelligently and purposefully to deliver business value,” said Dan Streetman, chief executive officer, TIBCO. “We also honor these customers for their resilience in a very challenging business and social climate. Their vision and innovation makes a difference for their stakeholders and communities where they work and live.”

Sustainable Innovation

TIBCO recognizes the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) with the Sustainable Innovation Lighthouse Award for its relentless pursuit of expansive innovation. SEPA, a public body of the Scottish Government tasked with protecting the environment in a way that protects public health, ensures sustainable use of natural resources, and helps contribute to the country’s economic growth. By implementing an advanced analytics solution from TIBCO, SEPA revolutionized the way it collects, analyzes, reports, and publishes data, putting those insights into action to advance a wide range of environmental protection and business goals. As a result, SEPA takes more effective, data-driven action quicker and more efficiently, reducing up to 80% time spent on certain back-office processes, which in turn reduced costs significantly. Just one impact of this approach was a 54% reduction in non-compliance of agricultural sites with the ultimate achievement of reducing the amount of pollution impacting the environment. Overall, this promotes a healthier, cleaner, sustainable environment for Scotland. Interactive insights can also be transparently published for public consumption, enabling better development of effective environmental policies.

Social Impact

TIBCO recognizes City Harvest London with the Social Impact Lighthouse Award for its meaningful contributions to daunting societal challenges. The non-profit – a leading participant in the TIBCO4Good™ initiative – was founded in 2014 by a small group of individuals conscious of rising levels of hunger and the lack of a logistics network to get surplus food to those who need it most. The organization implemented predictive analytics and cloud integration to innovatively provide more than 13 million meals to Britons facing food insecurity by redistributing a massive surplus of uneaten food that would otherwise end up in landfills. To date, the group redistributed food valued at more than £16 million to its partners, while offsetting more than 20,000 tons of greenhouse gases. Although COVID-19 presented a massive challenge to its mission, the team quickly responded with support from technology across the TIBCO platform to sustain City Harvest’s partnerships and keep those in need fed.

Customer Intimacy

TIBCO recognizes Panera Bread with the Customer Intimacy Lighthouse Award for placing customer experience at the core of its business design. Delighting customers across more than 2,100 bakery-cafe locations around the United States, Panera reacted swiftly to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing to make great food accessible to all, including providing much-needed freshly prepared food and produce to its customers. The company augmented its business model by adding a new service for wholesale grocery takeout in less than two weeks, leveraging its existing supply chain and smart data practices. Solutions from TIBCO allow the business to unify its systems with a master set of data known as the Panera Data Pantry, enabling the company to efficiently update related systems in real time and automate many of its processes. A variety of brand new, innovative customer offerings have been made possible, while also supporting cafe management and new third-party service providers.

Operational Excellence

TIBCO recognizes Italy-based insurer, Sara Assicurazioni, with the Operational Excellence Lighthouse Award for overcoming a complex set of technological challenges and redefining what it means to be a customer-focused insurance provider. Starting in 2017, Sara Assicurazioni embarked on a phased approach to transformation that enabled the company to become an insurance company of the future. TIBCO technologies helped the company facilitate its migration to SAP S/4 HANA, streamline processes, identify opportunities for cutting costs, and gain efficiencies, while embracing cloud at the core of its environment. Because its in-house data center migrated entirely to the cloud, Sara can now process claims 50% faster and experiment with emerging technologies, such as blockchain, without any up-front infrastructure investment. Its customers enjoy unique insurance policies, such as “Bici2Go,” specially built for bicycle commuters, utilize a powerful new mobile application for all their insurance needs, and even query their Amazon Alexa virtual assistant for policy information. Additionally, in the wake of COVID-19, Sara’s agility allowed it to innovate during challenging times – such as transitioning to all-online payments in under a week – something that would have been impossible prior to transformation.

Business Reinvention

TIBCO recognizes Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), one of the world’s leading financial market exchanges, with the Business Reinvention Lighthouse Award. With the help of TIBCO, ASX developed DataSphere, which brings together ASX and third-party data to provide a range of products that can be purchased through a web-based store. DataSphere uses TIBCO solutions to present API and visual-based products to its customers. Additionally, ASX uses Apache Kafka in conjunction with TIBCO to create a modern architecture for ASX’s “Hubble” project, using microservices, messaging, and containers to create a shared data processing platform, enabling the digital distribution and receipt of data in its upcoming project releases. TIBCO’s integration solutions enable ASX to process more than 100 million messages a day in addition to visual analytics to make more informed decisions. These solutions helped ASX achieve its goal of running systemically important services, in an increasingly digital industry that requires a faster time to market and more governance.

Data Leadership

TIBCO recognizes Marcelo Salazar Dipres with the Data Leadership Lighthouse Award. Marcelo is the Chief Information Officer at a Mexico-based oil and gas exploration and production offshore service provider focusing on the Gulf of Mexico. In the last year, Marcelo has enthusiastically spearheaded a new data-centric program that leverages integration processes between applications, data sources, and new applications that deliver better results and provide the right information in the right place at the right time. This Connected Intelligence architecture reduced the time to market for these new applications from months to weeks or days. Despite budget constraints due to the global pandemic, Marcelo managed to get all planned applications launched, ensuring business continuity for its customers. Marcelo will continue building on this transformation by extending the application ecosystem to the cloud, further delivering on business imperatives while continuing to reduce costs and bring more value to customers.

TIBCO League Legend

TIBCO recognizes Barry Rowan with the TIBCO League Legend Lighthouse Award. Barry is a BI Developer and Analyst at Riteway Sales & Marketing, a provider of data-driven insights to consumer packaged goods and retail brands, including a number of well-known grocery chains across North America. Since 2018, Barry has been a leading member of the TIBCO League, a free online customer advocacy community designed to bring added value to customers through networking and feedback opportunities, product exploration and educational resources, exclusive experiences, and more. Barry has gone above and beyond to provide illuminating feedback with participation in more than 50 technology surveys, while also engaging in a variety of events and peer networking opportunities. Earning the title of “League Legend,” Barry is a genuine advocate for his colleagues, who demonstrates a passion for technology, and helps his business fuel innovation and differentiation with TIBCO.

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