TVSquared Partners with Extreme Reach for Multi-Touch Attribution Across All Digital Video Platforms

TVSquared Partners with Extreme Reach for Multi-Touch Attribution Across All Digital Video Platforms

Integration Makes TVSquared ADvantage the Only Attribution Platform that Looks at 100% of the Linear and Digital Ecosystem
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AdvancedTV–TVSquared, the global leader in linear and digital TV attribution, today announced its partnership with Extreme Reach (ER) to enable advertisers to measure all TV content served across every ad-supported OTT streaming service. The partnership means massive simplification for the advertiser – rather than getting data from each individual OTT service, the TVSquared and Extreme Reach integration captures all ads, giving advertisers the ability to track performance at scale across linear and digital TV content everywhere.

TV attribution is a hot industry topic, and the rise of new TV content and emerging streaming services is creating fragmentation. The partnership with Extreme Reach makes TVSquared’s ADvantage platform the industry’s only unified measurement solution for performance-driven TV content, across all devices and channels.

Each day, 2,500 creative assets are uploaded to AdBridge™, ER’s asset management platform that integrates video ad serving, linear TV distribution, OTT/CTV delivery and Talent & Rights management. The integration with TVSquared allows a brand’s creative assets to be tagged same-day, with results served in ADvantage to show advertisers how their digital and linear ads are driving response and engagement, and directly tying ad exposure back to business outcomes.

With Extreme Reach, TVSquared can measure ad performance across nearly every TV household in the U.S., and is not limited to Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and panel data alone. This brings together precision and scale to best serve the buy-side and sell-side by measuring the entire TV ecosystem from a single platform.

DTC brands are one of the biggest movers in OTT advertising, and companies like Talkspace are testing the power of linear and digital. Together, Extreme Reach and TVSquared created a frictionless workflow for Talkspace – one of the first brands to utilize this new partnership – to enable both creative asset management and TV attribution across the full range of linear and digital platforms.

“Linear and digital TV are powerful activation channels for Talkspace, providing performance, scale and house-hold level precision,” said Mary Rykaczewski, Director of Paid Acquisition, Talkspace. “Through this partnership, we have a single, go-to-market solution for tagging and attributing all of our TV creatives. The analytics offer game-changing insights on reach, frequency and performance by day, daypart, network, program, genre and creative across linear and digital TV.”

TVSquared takes a unified approach to measuring TV content, one that delivers household-level information without compromising scale. This is when advertisers can see the greatest benefit. Not only do they see who was exposed, who responded and reach and frequency metrics, but you also get 100% measurement for responses, including those that would not have been captured within a restricted panel size. Size matters, especially when you can bridge the gap between enterprise-scale measurement and seeing the whole story against a small panel size of puzzle pieces.

“Brands need a single solution to find the optimal mix of linear and OTT,” said Jo Kinsella, CRO and EVP at TVSquared. “In an increasingly growing, yet fragmented TV ecosystem, this is how advertisers test and learn, and they need performance metrics that can compare linear and digital TV all in a single platform. Extreme Reach makes this possible in ADvantage because of the scale and breadth of creative assets that are managed and distributed through AdBridge.”

“Through this exciting integration with TVSquared, we are enabling brands to capture data in the way they require to make appropriate business decisions,” said James Shears, VP Advanced Advertising at Extreme Reach. “Attribution data is the holy grail for performance-focused brands who are looking to combine the scale of linear TV with the precision of digital campaigns. In connecting the fragmented media landscape, we help brands unlock the true power of their creative.”

About TVSquared

TVSquared is the global leader in TV attribution, bringing scale, speed, control and accuracy to advertisers in more than 70 countries. Powered by viewership and response data from millions of households and billions of ad impressions, the ADvantage analytics platform empowers brands, agencies, networks and publishers to quantify TV’s impact, measure outcomes and optimize performance across TV content everywhere. Learn more at

About Extreme Reach

Extreme Reach (ER) has revolutionized the way marketers and their agencies control the deployment of creative assets and how the media sources those ads to execute campaigns across the complex media landscape. The company’s creative asset management platform, AdBridge™, is built upon a decade of innovation – seamlessly integrating video ad serving, linear TV distribution, OTT/CTV delivery and Talent & Rights management.

With over 13 million ad creative assets in its care, every path to any screen is built right inside with over 750 team members ensuring customer success. ER connects the buy and sell sides of the advertising ecosystem for the new way creative gets everywhere.
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