UScellular’s new ConnectHQ IoT service powered by Nokia WING | Light Reading

UScellular’s new ConnectHQ IoT service powered by Nokia WING | Light Reading

CHICAGO UScellular has enhanced its enterprise IoT self-management portal, allowing its customers and authorized resellers to successfully manage large-scale IoT (Internet of Things) deployments and optimize their investments. The new ConnectHQ is powered by Nokia WING, and is a world-class platform that combines UScellular’s innovative IoT solutions and fast, high-quality network with Nokia’s global IoT ecosystem to bring new device management capabilities to customers.

“At UScellular, we strive to enhance the operations of our business and government customers and simplify the deployment and ongoing management of their IoT technology,” said Kimberly Green-Kerr, senior vice president of enterprise sales and operations at UScellular. “The Nokia WING solution gives businesses the power and control to manage their wireless devices to best meet their needs, and we look forward to implementing additional capabilities in the future to further streamline vast IoT deployments for our customers.”

ConnectHQ enables business and government customers to regulate connectivity for their devices in a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard, providing them the ability to:

  • Easily manage day-to-day IoT activations & suspensions
  • Monitor data usage on every device in real-time
  • Set-up usage alerts and create customized reports that can be easily shared
  • Track usage trends over time and adjust as needed to control costs
  • Increase operational efficiency by creating automated triggers when certain conditions are met
  • Secure remote devices against fraudulent misuse

“Nokia is delivering the key technologies that our customers require, including our 4G and 5G solutions and Nokia WING our industry-leading IoT platform,” said John Harrington, SVP, U.S. Major Accounts, Nokia. “For UScellular, Nokia WING provides the performance and flexibility that will allow its customers to better manage their IoT devices.”


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