Utah embarks on private CBRS LTE network for online learning | Light Reading

Utah embarks on private CBRS LTE network for online learning | Light Reading

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. TLC Solutions announced today it has entered into a five-year supply agreement with the Utah Education & Telehealth Network (UETN) in Salt Lake City, Utah, to provide the Core Network infrastructure for its Private LTE network. The project is part of the UETN initiative to deliver broadband wireless access to facilitate online learning throughout the state.

TLC Solutions partnered with Quortus for the delivery of the Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) platform. The next generation architecture of the Quortus EPC MEC solution made it the ideal fit, bringing the right level of flexibility required by UETN. Specifically, Quortus’ solution enables the centralizing and offloading of network traffic flow according to location supporting the proper configurations for both large campuses as well as for the state’s smaller educational locations. Additionally, the scalability of the Quortus solutionachieved through the use of virtual machinesallows for the expansion of network capacity and locations easily and seamlessly, thus facilitating UETN’s plans for statewide expansion.

“TLC provides us with flexibility in spectrum, radio networks and user equipment. The EPC MEC solution gives us exactly what we need to grow a Private LTE solution,” said Jim Stewart, chief technology officer at UETN. “Their extensive knowledge of LTE and 5G technology is an essential ingredient in our ability to move forward with this dynamic and important networking project.”

The project leverages CBRS spectrum and the CBRS Alliance’s On-Go technology ecosystem to deliver increased bandwidth requirements at the network edge.

“Successful delivery of Private LTE for UETN requires a flexible approach in architecture and support,” said Lee Sanders, president of TLC Solutions. “Teaming with Quortus allows TLC to deliver the best of breed solution for UETN, leveraging the key experience of TLC in private wireless networks and the flexibility of the Quortus EPC architecture.”

“As a result of dealing with the COVID pandemic, educational facilities and universities are realizing the benefit of deploying their own private networks to support remote learning. We’re excited to be working with TLC Solutions to deliver a solution that perfectly meets the needs of UETN and educational locations throughout the state,” said Mark Bole, CEO, Quortus.

The implementation of the first sites is currently underway and will be operational this fall. Once fully deployed, the network will provide broadband access for public education, higher education, libraries and telehealth sites throughout the state.

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