Verizon’s Virtual Network Services taps Cisco for new white box | Light Reading

Verizon’s Virtual Network Services taps Cisco for new white box | Light Reading

Verizon has updated its Virtual Network Services portfolio with a new white box option Cisco’s 5000 Series Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS).

Virtual Network Services (VNS) is Verizon’s catalog of virtual network functions (VNFs), and the service provider’s enterprise customers can now deploy VNFs such as SD-WAN, security services, WAN optimization and more on Cisco’s ENCS universal CPE device. Amit Kapoor, director of SDN Services for the Verizon Business Group, explains that the white box is tightly integrated to both Verizon’s core network and BSS/OSS to provide customers with access to a fully automated service that allows them to make changes to the configuration of ports on-demand, for example.

“The addition of Cisco’s ENCS solution allows us to deliver that same virtualized functionality and fully end-to-end service chaining [as in the data center] for our customers, and specifically those that have a preference for a turnkey Cisco ecosystem,” says Kapoor.

The ENCS compute can be deployed on the customer premise; Kapoor says the first use case of VNFs deployed on the device included Cisco’s SD-WAN service, integrated with Palo Alto security features. Verizon is also using “Cisco’s MSX [Managed Services Accelerator] solution as the master controller or orchestration to offer the turnkey lifecycle automation functions of deploying virtualized images on the ENCS box, performing the lifecycle functions of additions, removals, assurance and more,” adds Kappor.

In lieu of using purpose-built devices such as routers, firewalls and switches, Verizon’s enterprise customers can access the VNS portfolio to deploy, manage and orchestrate VNFs from a central location.

“Ciscos virtualization solutions can help Verizon Business customers with a preference for Ciscos ecosystem to easily deploy agile enterprise networking solutions, which is what all companies need today to continue to stay resilient and competitive,” says Scott Harrell, senior vice president and general manager of Ciscos Intent-Based Networking Group, in a statement.

Verizon has partnered with other suppliers on white boxes that support Virtual Network Services, including the recent addition of Lanner Electronics’ uCPE. In addition, Verizon works with a number of both hardware and software vendors for its VNS platform including CheckPoint, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, ADVA and more.

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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