Versa takes SD-WAN south of the border with MCM | Light Reading

Versa takes SD-WAN south of the border with MCM | Light Reading

Mexico-based service provider MCM Telecom teamed up with Versa Networks this week to deliver the supplier’s Secure SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services to the Mexican market.

This will be MCM’s first SD-WAN service for enterprise and small and midsized business (SMBs) customers in all of Mexico’s territories. Mirella Miranda, manager of Global Carrier Relations for MCM, says the new service will provide customers with improved application performance, simplify operations via automation and cloud-based management, improve user experience for software-as-a-service (SaaS) and public cloud applications, and provide integrated security and network visibility.

“Providing integrated security as well as 100% visibility of the network is also super important to be sure you can see everything happening in your network and fix problems right away,” says Miranda.

Customers will have visibility into their networks in real time via a portal and mobile application.

In addition to MCM, Versa has also partnered with operators and vendors, including Verizon, Calculus, AT&T Mexico, SDT, Netjer, Dell and C3ntro Telecom to deliver SD-WAN services to Mexico.

Versa CMO Mike Wood says the entire Latin American region is the “next major growth area” for SD-WAN. He adds that Versa’s multi-tenant SD-WAN service and analytics capabilities are additional features that will be appealing to MCM’s SD-WAN customers.

“This concept of multi-tenancy where [MCM] can support and service multiple tenants within a single customer, but they themselves can also support multiple tenants on a single implementation, helps to provide better security and segmentation for their customers and drive better economies of scale for their business,” says Wood.

As many enterprise employees globally are now working remotely, Versa also provides a device that can be plugged into the modem in home networks to access the SD-WAN service and improve security. The dramatic and sudden increase in the remote workforce has caused major cybersecurity concerns as businesses have less control over security in home networks than in their branch offices.

“The home is probably the least secure environment for business and now almost everyone is working from home,” Wood explains. “Versa Secure SD-WAN brings all the security capabilities that exist within the corporate environment into the home such as next-gen firewall services, universal threat management, the application performance of SD-WAN and prioritize traffic in the home.”

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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