ViaWest Acquires Fiber Optic Connectivity to Connect Datacenters in Hillsboro, Oregon

ViaWest Acquires Fiber Optic Connectivity to Connect Datacenters in Hillsboro, Oregon

To enable high speed connectivity to its Hillsboro datacenters, ViaWest has forged a new agreement to lease optical fiber from CoastCom. CoastCom is a fiber optic service based provider on the Oregon coast and a division of Wave Broadband. Through the arrangement, ViaWest now shares a fiber optic access ring connecting their Hillsboro area datacenters to one another and to other datacenters in the area.

CoastCom is instrumental in deploying terrestrial fiber optic networks in Hillsboro and is helping Hillsboro to become an important hub for fiber optic connectivity in the North West of the USA. The company has deployed a high fiber count, low-loss fiber optic ring connecting six datacenters in the Hillsboro area to an existing fiber network.

Low loss optical fiber enables future upgrade to higher transmission speeds without the need for costly replacement of the fiber optic infrastructure. This is an indication that CoastCom realizes the potential future demand for higher bandwidth in the future.

In addition to its terrestrial fiber optic network in the area, CoastCom operates an undersea cable landing station in Pacific City.

ViaWest owns two of the six datacenters on the fiber optic network, connecting the six datacenters to several existing and planned transpacific undersea fiber optic cables. This will facilitate the connection of ViaWest Hillsboro datacenters to other current and future datacenters in other locations. ViaWest currently have colocation datacenters in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Calgary.

Through the agreement with CoastCom, ViaWest will not only connect its datacenters to others in the region, but will also resell connectivity to customers seeking access to services or carriers in other Portland datacenters. Through the inter-connection of carriers, ViaWest and other participants in the Hillsboro datacenter ring can offer more service provider choices to customers.

ViaWest’s Hillsboro datacenters offer more than 50,000 square feet of raised floor capacity, providing datacenter colocation and hosting services for a range of customers on the West Coast.

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