Wolfram Research Announces Innovator Award Winners for 2019

Wolfram Research Announces Innovator Award Winners for 2019

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3Dprinting–Each year at the Wolfram Technology Conference, Wolfram Research’s Founder and CEO, Stephen Wolfram, honors select individuals who have exemplified what it means to be an innovative leader with the Wolfram Innovator Award. This year, Wolfram has inducted eleven new award winners who dedicate their professional lives to leaving a positive impact on those they serve.

This year’s winners include:

Thomas Burghardt, PhD, Mayo Clinic Rochester: for the application of neural networks constructed with machine intelligence tools in the study of inheritable heart disease.

Todd Feitelson, Millbrook School: for innovative educational techniques including 3D printing and the extrapolation of 3D shapes from mathematical concepts in high-school classrooms.

Joo-Haeng Lee, PhD, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute: for developing a unique and powerful pixel-based color transition algorithm (PixelSwap) and his work in synthetic learning sets.

Casey Mulligan, PhD, University of Chicago, Former Chief Economist for the White House Council of Economic Advisers: for his innovative work on automated economic reasoning, which can begin with purely qualitative assumptions.

Flip Phillips, PhD, Skidmore College: for his work on the visual and haptic perception of 2D and 3D shapes, psychological aesthetics and cortical plasticity related to blindness and visual restoration.

Robert Rasmussen, PhD, and William “Kirk” Reinholtz, Jet Propulsion Laboratory: for optimizing the integration of mission operation systems and preserving consistent and accountable information throughout the operations processes.

Jane Shen-Gunther, MD, Colonel, US Army, Brooke Army Medical Center: for automating data processing for DNA sequencing in gynecological oncology and HPV detection and integrating interactive visualizations into reporting structures.

Christopher Hanusa, PhD, CUNY Queens College: for creating tools to advance the visualization of concepts in the classroom through computational technology and 3D printing.

Yehuda Ben-Shimol, PhD, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: for introducing thousands of students and fellow faculty to the use of computational thinking in communications systems engineering, including system-level modeling techniques.

Mihai Vidrighin, PhD, PsiQuantum: for building comprehensive models of nonlinear and quantum optics to describe spontaneous parametric photon-pair generation and quantum optics circuits.

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