Zayo Dark Fiber and Wavelength Solutions Leased for Genomic Data Transmission

Zayo Dark Fiber and Wavelength Solutions Leased for Genomic Data Transmission

An unspecified biotechnology company has selected Zayo dark fiber and wavelength solutions to transmit large amounts of genomic data between the company’s locations and its data centers. The data transmission solution takes advantage of Zayo Group’s readily available fiber optic network.

Genomics, the branch of molecular biology concerned with the sequencing of human DNA, produces large amounts of data that must be transmitted and stored. By some estimates of amount of genomic data, the quantity produced daily is doubling every seven months and 2 to 40 exabytes will be produced annually in the next decade. An exabyte is equivalent to 1 billion Gb.

By leasing dark fiber, the genomic company will be able to leverage the almost endless capacity of optical fiber and use their own electronic transmission systems that can be upgraded when more capacity is needed.

In addition to dark fiber, the company is also leasing wavelength solutions from Zayo. The wavelength solution allows the company to share Zayo’s fiber optic strands with other clients while maintaining their own wavelength channels capable of transmitting up to 100Gbps which can be upgraded to higher capacity in future as needed.

Zayo Group provides communication solutions including dark fiber, bandwidth solutions, cloud services and data center colocation. Zayo’s clientele includes mobile and wireline communication solution providers, content and media solution providers, health and educational institutions.

Zayo’s 114,500-mile network in North America and Europe connects thousands of buildings or datacenters.

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