Zayo Selected for Wavelength Connectivity and Dark Fiber by Ad Tech

Zayo Selected for Wavelength Connectivity and Dark Fiber by Ad Tech

Ad Tech, a global company offering advertising to major international brands has selected Zayo for wavelength connectivity and dark fiber. The fiber optic solution takes advantage of Zayo’s US and European networks that were recently augmented with the acquisition of assets from Viatel.

Dark fiber is optical fiber cable or strands that are not currently in use or connected to transmission equipment. By leasing dark fiber, Ad Tech will connect their own transmission equipment to “light” the optical fiber. Zayo’s optical wavelength service is dedicated connectivity to major datacenters, hotels and enterprises across their long distance and metropolitan networks. The dark fiber offering in this deal includes a route on Zayo’s metro optical fiber in northern California connecting a datacenter to an important office location.

Optical wavelength service enables Ad Tech to share fiber strands with others while transmitting high bandwidth securely on their own wavelength. In this deal, Zayo provides a 100Gbs wavelength solution connecting datacenters in Europe and the U.S. that will serve as Ad Tech backbone.

Ad Tech is rapidly scaling up its high capacity fiber optic backbone network to support growing operations. To quickly deliver their services, leasing optical wavelength and dark fiber from Zayo was their best option.

Over the past ten years, Ad Tech has disrupted traditional advertising with a model utilizing modern platforms, big data, and advanced analytics to offer targeted digital advertising. Their services require high bandwidth and low latency transmission which Zayo could offer.

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ZAYO) offers information and communication infrastructure services, including optical fiber and bandwidth connectivity, datacenter colocation and cloud services to leading global businesses. Their customers include mobile and wireline carriers, media and content providers, healthcare and financial institutions and other large enterprises. Zayo’s 114.5 thousand-mile network in North America and Europe includes large metro connectivity to thousands of datacenters and buildings. In addition, Zayo offers dark fiber, dedicated wavelength solutions, Carrier or Metro Ethernet and other connectivity solutions.

For a quotation or availability in your area of Zayo’s dark fiber, wavelength, datacenter colocation and other connectivity services, visit our networking solution page.

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