ZTE wins bid for China Mobile’s commercial 5G SA core network | Light Reading

ZTE wins bid for China Mobile’s commercial 5G SA core network | Light Reading

SHENZHEN – ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today has secured the bid in the commercial 5G SA core network in China Mobiles 2020 centralized procurement of new 5G SA core network equipment.

For the public-oriented network, ZTE has won the bid of 12 provinces in six regions, and secured the bid for 35% shares in 31 provinces in China for the industry-oriented network. This well demonstrates the company’s industry-leading strength in the 5G SA core network.

Once completed, the project will become the world’s largest 5G SA network.

China Mobile’s 5G SA core network project this time employs ZTEs Common Core solution, which features SBA, microservice components, stateless design and network slicing to implement flexible and agile service innovation, deployment and O&M. ZTEs Common Core solution can well satisfy the full access and full integration requirements of 2G/3G/4G/5G/fixed simultaneously.

By virtue of ZTEs Common Core solution, resources can be reused and the target architecture can be achieved in one step, thereby avoiding multiple network upgrades and reconstruction while reaching the 5G target network directly and saving the investment cost.

In addition, to meet automatic and intelligent requirements of the 5G network, ZTE also brings its CloudStudio intelligent O&M solution to support one-click service provisioning and deployment through automatic tools, so that new services can be launched quickly. Meanwhile, AI, machine learning, and root cause analysis (RCA) are introduced to implement real-time network monitoring, real-time analysis, automatic optimization, and fault self-healing so as to improve the O&M efficiency.


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