Point to Point Network Solutions

The simplest form of WAN is a point to point network – a simple network link connecting two locations. Point to point WAN connections can be created from a wide range of networking protocols – T1/E1, MPLS or Internet VPN. Get in touch with us and we can discuss your point to point network requirements.

Our most popular point to point offering is Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL).  For businesses wishing to connect two locations, such as a headquarters and a branch office, an Ethernet Virtual Private Line is one of the most cost-effective solutions – providing the lowest cost/bit. Moreover, EVPL is suitable for point to multipoint connectivity capable of connecting a company’s HQ to multiple branches. If you wish to connect your HQ to one branch office today and extend the connection to more branch offices in future, EVPL is the ideal solution. EVPL enables multi-location enterprises streamline network management with configuration options to support their offices.

EVPL offers high bandwidth and significantly more secure connections between locations. It is a powerful alternative to legacy systems based on TDM private lines, and older packet switched technologies such as Frame Relay. With Ethernet high speed standards continuing to evolve, you could get over 600 times more speed than the traditional T1 line at a reasonable price.

If EVPL is already available in your area and you are still using a T1 line, you owe it to yourself to talk to us about migrating to EVPL. If EVPL is already available in your area, it is more than likely that there are multiple providers offering different plans. Contact us for options available to you or check service availability through GeoQuote.