Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE)

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Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE) course is an advanced training course in optical communications. The ever-insatiable demand for ultra-high capacity networks that deliver information across communities, national boundaries and across oceans is pushing the envelope on the capabilities of optical fiber systems. Understanding the limitations and how we can push the boundaries to enable higher capacity systems while ensuring highly scalable, reliable, low latency and energy efficient systems is critical.

This advanced course enables you to understand trends in higher speed transmission or 40Gbps, 100Gbps and beyond in core networks. This will help you determine how higher speed transmission requirements can be met by the systems you design.

You will learn the more advanced and latest technologies including coherent detection, polarization multiplexing, Flexigrid and next generation colorless directionless contentionless (CDC) reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs).

Who should take Certified Optical Network Engineer ?
Cone is designed for network architects, core network designers, strategic network planners, transmission system engineers and photonic engineers.

Key features

✔ Scenario based training
✔ Up to date case studies
✔ Use of OTT’s Whizziekit virtual optical network training system
✔ Comprehensive training support materials
✔ Gain certified optical network associate upon passing an assessment

Certified Optical Network Engineer case studies and exercises

✔ Raman amplification vs EDFA
✔ Old vs new optical fiber
✔ Low latency networking
✔ Amplified submarine link
✔ Options for 100G
✔ Strategic direction to Terabit systems

Certified Optical Network Engineer training outcomes

✔ Identify the best type of fiber for higher speed transmission
✔ Gain appreciation of the performance of existing fiber types and their impact on the systems you design
✔ Explain the impact of advanced modulation formats on high speed transmission and spectral efficiency
✔ Gain appreciation of coherent detection and polarization multiplexing on transmission systems
✔ Decide relevant technologies suitable for your network
✔ Determine when to deploy new technologies
✔ Specify conditions necessary to deploy Raman amplifiers
✔ Design your system to mitigate non-linear impairments
✔ Determine the most suitable dispersion management strategy for your network
✔ Optimize your network for low latency transmission
✔ Asses ROADM designs and decide when and where they should be deployed

A great course for network architects, core network designers, transmission system engineers, strategic network planners and photonic
engineers.Trainees should have completed CONA before taking the CONE course
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