Symmetrical Dedicated Internet Access Over Fiber From Convergia


Symmetrical Dedicated Internet Access Over Fiber From Convergia

Slow speed Internet access is one the impediments to business productivity today. The problem gets exacerbated when businesses move some of their processes to the cloud. Today, about 87% of businesses have migrated some of their mission critical processes to the cloud or to a data center collocation facility. For such processes, mass market “best effort” broadband – even if it is advertised as business cable or business DSL – can no longer cut it.   Symmetric, dedicated Internet access becomes a must.

High speed, reliable, symmetrical dedicated Internet access is the answer.

Many business owners use Internet speed as the single most important specification for Internet access. Many mass market broadband services offer high download speed, as high as 50 Mbps or more. However, most mass-market broadband services are designed for home use and the bandwidth may be shared.

The provider reckons that not all users in a given community are online at the same time, so they over subscribe the bandwidth. The Internet speed will therefore fluctuate with the number of subscribers that are online at the same time. The service comes without any Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees. That means that there is no telling what the latency, packet loss, jitter, availability and other important metrics will turn out to be. Moreover, the services are usually asymmetrical, with higher download than upload speed.

While mass market broadband is acceptable for personal home use and for small businesses who need Internet access only for email, surfing the web and other less demanding applications. For most of today’s applications, businesses require symmetrical dedicated Internet access. With symmetrical access, upload and download speeds are equal and with dedicated service, the bandwidth is for the exclusive use of the business. Moreover, the service comes with QoS guarantees.

As business owners get inundated with offers of different types of Internet access, including (DSL), hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) or cable, 4G-LTE and T1/T3 access, they must take the time to investigate the performance of these services beyond the download speed. While legacy T1 lines have persevered in the market because of their reliability, their bandwidth is too low for most today’s business applications

Needless to say, optical fiber symmetrical dedicated Internet access offers the highest quality service.  1Gbps over fiber is now widely available to businesses in fiber lit buildings, and they can take advantage of the many attributes of Ethernet over Fiber. In addition to the high bandwidth, 10 Gbps in some buildings, the service is flexible. One can sign up for as little as 10Mbps and increase it by small amounts as business requirements change.

With almost all office buildings in major US cities connected to or in proximity to a fiber optic network, it is counter-intuitive for any business, large or small, to still rely on mass market broadband services for mission critical applications.

FiberGuide works with many providers offering dedicated and symmetric Internet access. Convergia is one such provider.

Convergia dedicated symmetrical optic Internet access

Covergia offers symmetrical dedicated Internet access across a global fiber optic network powered by AT&T. The service comes with static IP addresses and fully managed customer premise equipment. Because the service is dedicated, it is protected from speed fluctuations that are prevalent in most “best effort” broadband Internet services. In such broadband services, heavy usage by other subscribers can put a stranglehold on speed and reliability. With a dedicated plan, specified bandwidth is earmarked for your business alone and you don’t expect it to drop and disrupt important work.

Symmetrical service implies that download and upload speeds are equal as opposed to the asymmetrical services in which upload speed is lower that download speed. With symmetrical services, businesses can easily move video and other bandwidth hungry data to and from the cloud.

Starting at $350/month, the Convergia dedicated fiber optic Internet access service can lower your overall operational expenditure (OPEX) by improving productivity. To check availability in your area or to request a quotation, complete the form on the GeoQuote page, and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

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