Dedicated, Symmetrical Fiber Optic Internet Access from Convergia

Dedicated, Symmetrical Fiber Optic Internet Access from Convergia

Slow speed Internet access is one the impediments to business productivity today. The problem gets exacerbated when businesses move some of their processes to the cloud. Today, about 87% of businesses have migrated some of their mission critical processes to the cloud or to a data center colocation facility. The process of moving to the cloud or to a data center colocation facility is not complete without the high-speed connection to access the online services. IT managers should ensure that they don’t create a bottle neck between their employees and online services by investing in suitable connectivity.

Faster and reliable dedicated fiber optic Internet access is the answer.

In business, fast and reliable Internet access is a key enabler for profitability and innovation. While businesses now have many Internet access options to choose from including digital subscriber lines (DSL), hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) or cable, 4G-LTE, T1/T3 leased lines and pure fiber optic services, speed tests have consistently shown fiber optic based Internet access to be more superior. Advertised speeds consistently match the test results.

With at least 1Gbps now widely available to businesses and home offices, fiber optic access clearly outperforms legacy T1 and T3 leased lines that are still widely in use. T1 and T3 leased lines only provide 1.5Mbps and 45 Mbps, respectively. This is far below the data transfer speeds necessary for today’s business applications. According the speed Speedtest Market Report, the average download speed for 4G LTE was about 21Mbps by the end of 2016.

With almost all office buildings in major US cities connected to or in proximity to a fiber optic network and with over 20 million residences now connected by 1Gbps+ broadband services, it is counter-intuitive for any business, large or small, to still rely on T1/T3 leased lines or mobile services to connect to mission critical applications.

Convergia dedicated fiber optic Internet access

Covergia offers dedicated and symmetrical Internet access across a global fiber optic network powered by AT&T. The service comes with static IP addresses and fully managed customer premise equipment. Because the service is dedicated, it is protected from speed fluctuations that are prevalent in most “best effort” broadband Internet services. In such broadband services, heavy usage by other subscribers can put a stranglehold on speed and reliability. With a dedicated plan, specified bandwidth is earmarked for your business alone and you don’t expect it to drop and disrupt important work.

Symmetrical service implies that download and upload speeds are equal as opposed to the asymmetric services in which upload speed is lower that download speed. With symmetric services, businesses can easily move video and other bandwidth hungry data to and from the cloud.

Starting at $350/month, the Convergia dedicated fiber optic Internet access service can lower your overall operational expenditure (OPEX) by improving productivity. To check availability in your area or to request a quotation, complete the form on the Fiberguide Internet access page, and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

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