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Are You Operating From A Fiber Lit Building?

With hundreds of thousands of fiber route kilometers, fiber lit buildings and colocation data centers in the GeoQuote system, we can let you know if your building is already connected to optical fiber. We can also let you know if carrier Ethernet services are connected to the building and the data rates available to you. Moreover, we partner with most of the carriers we can get you quotations from those who best meet your technical requirements and budget.

If fiber is not yet in your building, we can point you to the nearest fiber access point or Ethernet point of presence. Better yet, we can help you estimate how much it will cost to connect your office to the nearest fiber access point or Ethernet point of presence.


Free Fiber Lit Building Location Assistance

Our fiber lit building support is part of our free pre-sales support services, whether you will purchase a connectivity service or not. It is just part of our operation model.

We offer free consulting services to help clients identify connectivity services from multiple providers. In addition to narrowing down their options and providing them with guaranteed best pricing, we will also work with them through provisioning and beyond implementation.

In other words, in addition to having a direct relationship with carriers, we remain as an ongoing resource to help clients with any questions or issues they may have with their selected carrier, as well as provide them with support.

What Is A Fiber Lit Building?

Your building may not be connected to fiber at all, it may be connected to dark fiber or it may be connected to lit fiber.

A lit fiber is one that is already connected to laser (hence lit) transmission systems and ready to carry your traffic. In a lit building, other tenants have already been connected to a fiber service and the provider has already dealt with all the issues that come with installing and “lighting” optical fiber. You can be rest assured that after ordering service it will be connected quickly at reasonable upfront costs.

On the other hand, if there is dark fiber in the building, it will require a significant amount of time to connect the equipment required to get the services going. It will require significantly more upfront costs

If there is no fiber at all, a lot of homework will be required to find where the nearest fiber access points are, what it takes to connect the building to the point of presence. You will have to do an analysis to find out if connecting the building with fiber is even economically feasible. If the nearest point of presence is 10 miles away, for example, then the upfront costs may turn out to be too exorbitant. Some clients have opted to move into a lit building than to go through the hassles of having fiber installed in the building and lit.

Carrier Ethernet Services Locator

Our fiber lit building locating services are not merely intended to let you know if your building is connected by fiber. What really matters to our clients is the services that the fiber brings to their buildings. The most important connectivity service for many businesses, large or small is carrier Ethernet. In addition to confirming fiber connectivity to your building, we will also let you know the Ethernet services available to you, the speed available and, if needed a quotation from one or more providers servicing the building.

Carrier Ethernet Services are extensions of the well-known and popular low-cost Ethernet based LAN networks to Wide Area Network (WAN) applications. Ethernet now competes with and/or compliment other transport networks in transporting voice, data and video services over long distances.

Like native Ethernet, the biggest advantages of Carrier Ethernet Services are low cost and scalability. If your business or service offering is just starting, you may only need low speed access such as 10Mb/s or 100Mb/s. As requirements change, it is easy to make upgrades in small increments. Data rates can be increased up to 1GbE, 10GbE or even 100GbE depending on availability.

Carrier Ethernet Services are available as point to point or multipoint connections over dedicated physical or virtual connections. One other advantage of Carrier Ethernet Services is that they can be accessed over a variety of ways: fiber optics, high speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) or cable, Wireless or T1 lines.

Business like yours are using Carrier Ethernet Services for a variety of applications, including:

Private Lines

While T1 lines are very popular, trusted and are still very widely used, their data rates are very low by today’s standards. Unbonded T1s are only 1.5Mb/s. Carrier Ethernet Private Lines can replace T1 lines while offering higher speeds at much lower cost/bit.

Dedicated Internet Access

Businesses can use Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) or Ethernet Virtual Private Lines (EVPLs)to connect one or two locations to the Internet through a Carrier Ethernet Network. A VPL connection is dedicated and not shared with others outside the organization.

Multisite Business Interconnection

Carrier Ethernet Services can support multiple connections over a single physical connection. This makes it cost efficient to connect your multiple branch offices to your headquarters. The connection between your headquarters and the Carrier Ethernet Provider can be achieved with one physical connection.

Why Carrier Ethernet Locator Service?

One challenge Carrier Ethernet still faces is that of availability. While there are many buildings connected with Carrier Ethernet Over Optical Fiber, many more are not connected and are not within a reasonable distance from a Carrier Ethernet Point of Presence (PoP), making the cost of connecting the building prohibitive.

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