WAN Procurement Service | IT Procurement Service

Don’t have the technical expertise to complete your WAN or IT procurement process?

Leverage FibeGuide’s extensive Wide Area Networking (WAN) expertise and partnership with hundreds of network and service providers to acquire the latest solution at the lowest cost per bit. Request a quotation .

Our WAN procurement/IT procurement service offer the following benefits:

  • Carefully review your exact WAN or IT requirements and match them with the latest and readily available solutions
  • Match the best solution with relevant network or service providers
  • Explore the proximity of provider network access points to your sites
  • Negotiate best pricing with shortlisted providers

FiberGuide IT procurement/WAN procurement associates specialize in the following services:

Business Internet access

Point to point or Multisite connectivity

Network Services

  • Server colocation
  • Network security
  • Network monitoring

Careful review of your WAN procurement/IT procurement requirements

Today’s communication industry offers a wide range of solutions for wide area networking, but solutions are becoming ever more complex. Enterprises have to choose from an increasing number of competing solutions that meet their requirements in different ways. It could be a choice between MPLS based VPN, Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) or a wavelength service.

Our IT or WAN procurement specialists will help you navigate through the complex entanglement of solutions. Our ultimate goal is to identify the best solution for your requirements.

Matching relevant providers with the best solution for your IT procurement/WAN procurement requirements

The growing number of network and service providers adds additional complexity to your WAN or IT procurement process. ILECS, CLECs, SD-WAN vendors and data center providers all offer solutions that may solve your problem.

Our product specialists take the guesswork out of the process by sifting through a large database of partner providers for the most suitable. Because we are an agent of Telarus, we have direct access to all Telarus providers which facilitates our solution-provider matching process.

Exploring the proximity of provider network access points to your sites

Once we have the solution and potential providers, we have to worry about accessibility of the provider networks to the buildings that you need connected. If your buildings are not already connected to these providers’ networks, we need the least expensive way to get you connected. That means we have to investigate the nearest fiber routes, Points of Presence (PoPs) and carrier neutral data centers where connections can be made.

While these tasks may sound daunting, it only takes a few minutes for our product specialists to address them. This is done by searching GeoQuote, a patented online carrier research tool. GeoQuote is loaded with network and service provider information including fiber maps, lit buildings, data center locations and a lot more.

Negotiating of the best price for your IT procurement/WAN procurement process

Our partnership with an expansive network of providers means that we are in a position to negotiate the best prices you are unable to negotiate on their own. After the price negotiation process, we generate one or more proposals for your review.

Contact us with your requirements.  

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