Vendor Neutral DWDM Training Opportunity | 5-Day Fiber Optic Training Program


Vendor Neutral DWDM Training Opportunity | 5-Day Fiber Optic Training Program

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Training in DWDM or Dense Wavelength Division multiplexing is one of areas covered in detail in one of the Optical Technology Training (OTT) courses. The vendor neutral training course, Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA),  is available to any company or organization around the world through licensed trainers.

The growing demand for bandwidth necessitates the transmission of large amounts of data in optical fibers. In long distance networks, such as metropolitan networks, data center interconnects, terrestrial long haul and submarine networks, this is achieved by multiplexing multiple data channels at different wavelengths into a single optical fiber. A transmission system capable of 100 Gbps per channel and a total of 80 channels, for example, has the capacity of 8 Tbps in a single fiber!

As optical communication networks become more complex, so is the need for planning, design and operation engineers to get specialized training in optical communications – including DWDM training. Telecommunication and IT companies typically arrange for such training for their engineers and technicians from an outside training company.

While several transmission vendors such as CIENA and Huwawei offer some DWDM related training, their courses are vendor specific. OTT’s CONA training is vendor neutral and is designed to provide the fundamentals of optical networking to engineers, irrespective of the transmission equipment they use. In addition to DWDM (and CWDM), the course covers a wide array of topics in optical communications including the inner workings of optical fiber and its impairments, optical amplifiers, transceivers, dispersion compensating modules and other passive components, test and measurement and many more.

To qualify for an OTT certificate, delegates are required to pass an examination to demonstrate the depth of their understanding of the course materials. In addition, delegates are required to successfully complete a network design project using DWDM or CWDM (Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing).

In appreciation of the value of the CONA training course, IEEE offers Continuous Education Credit (CEC) certificates to delegates who complete the course.

Companies based in Africa and the USA interested in this course should contact us to schedule a training session. All others should contact OTT directly.

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