Wide Area Network (WAN) Solutions


IP Transit
FiberGuide is a single source for your top tier IP transit services. Whether you are a Tier 3 ISP, a small or large business, an educational institution or government department looking an IP transit provider, count on FiberGuide to get you the most appropriate solution. For more details on sourcing IP transit through FiberGuide, visit our global IP transit page.


Wavelength Services
For very high capacity, secure and reliable connectivity n to move large amounts of data from point to point, a wavelength service might be your ideal solution. Because share fiber infrastructure with other businesses, you serve on costly infrastructure. For more details and to watch a video, visit our wavelength services page.


Ethernet over Fiber
For business high speed, reliable and symmetric access to the Internet, Ethernet over Fiber is your best bet. In the event that Ethernet over Fiber is not available at your location, you can search for alternative solutions such as Ethernet over Copper, T1 lines etc. in our carrier pricing tool, GeoQuote. Visit GeoQuote to search availability and pricing.

WAN Procurement Service
Your company can leverage our technical expertise and our partnership with hundreds of network and service providers to acquire WAN solutions. Consider us to be an extension of your procurement team. To read more about how we can partner together, read more about FiberGuide WAN procurement service.

Explore our Wide Area Network Solutions. FiberGuide, through our master agent Telarus, is a one stop shop for WAN solutions that enable enterprises to connect their sites with high speed solutions. Provide us with your wide area network solution requirements including application, number and type of locations to be connected, preferred connection type, technical specifications, budget and other attributes and we will propose several options from our carrier providers.

With hundreds of top tier carrier partners with millions of fiber kilometers crisscrossing the globe, we can find whatever WAN solution you need for your business. Our carrier partners include:

For a complete list of carriers offering a wide range of WAN solutions, please visit the Telarus Supplier Page.

Use us as an extension of your procurement staff without the overhead costs – free of charge! With a wide range of tools at our disposal, we can instantly locate connected buildings, fiber maps and pricing plans.

For simple solutions, such as dedicated Internet access, you can use one of our most versatile tool, GeoQuote carrier pricing, to instantly check availability and real time pricing of wide area network solutions. In a matter of seconds, you can generate a comparison plans of plans available near you.

Contact us to discuss your wide are network requirements.

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