International VPLS

Choose from 10 Mbps to 100 GigE International VPLS to connect your locations scattered around the globe. At FiberGuide, we can help you choose the provider(s) with the network that covers all your locations. Start the International VPLS selection process by launching GeoQuote, enter your information, select multisite services and then International VPLS. Our agents will review your request and email you provider options for International VPLS that best meet your requirements. Once we agree on a provider of choice and pricing plan, we will send you the provider’s contract paperwork.

Our international VPLS providers include:

International VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Services) is suitable for connecting business and organizational locations with global locations accessible to a provider switched private network.

Unlike legacy WAN networks and traditional IP based Virtual Private Networks (VPN), a VPLS can be used to transport non-IP traffic across geographically dispersed locations. A VPLS mimics a physical network connected in a mesh topology enabling the provisioning of point to point, point to multipoint and multipoint to multipoint or any to any network configurations. Moreover, a VPLS network creates a virtualized Ethernet switch at the edge of the service provider network and links all remote sites as if they were on the same switch.

Contact us to discuss options for your International VPLS requirements.

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