Optical Network Training Near You

Optical Network Training Near You

Whether you are a manager, engineer or technician involved in the deployment of fiber optic infrastructure or designing and planning optical communication networks, fiber optic training or optical network training is essential to get you up to speed with your role.

Fiber optics and optical communication technologies evolve continuously. Systems have evolved from as low as 155Mbps in the long-haul back in the 80s to delivering 100Gbps and more per channel today. Even the most experienced of designers or planners need periodic refresher training in fiber optics or optical communication networks to keep themselves up to date with the rapid changes.

FiberGuide organizes a training course to give you the tools you need to plan and design efficient and cost effective optical networks.

The course, Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA), developed by Optical Technology Training (OTT), is an intermediate level course in which attendees learn the fundamentals of optical networking including the transmission of light through optical fiber and widely deployed commercial systems. Trainees learn how to design and plan efficient and cost effective high speed optical point to point links and networks that meet today’s and future requirements.

CONA focuses on single or multiple channel systems using CWDM, DWDM or SWDM technologies. Systems capable of transmitting 10Gbps or 25Gbps per channel and up to 80 channels per fiber are studied. Common applications such as core networks, metro networks, mobile backhauls, dark fiber links, enterprise WANs and data center interconnects (DCI) are reviewed as case studies.

Attendees who successfully complete CONA will have the option to take a more advanced course. The advanced optical networking course enables attendees to understand trends in higher speed transmission of 100Gbps and beyond. This will help them learn how higher speed transmission requirements can be met by the systems they design.

Our next classes are scheduled in Lowell, MA, Seattle, WA and South Africa. Interested companies also have the option to make arrangements for us to visit their locations provided they have the required minimum number of attendees.

Who should attend?

CONA is developed for IT and telecommunication professionals who are interested in deeper understanding of optical communications. Professionals responsible for the planning, designing, implementation and operation of the following types of networks will benefit the training:

  • National backbones or long-haul networks
  • Metropolitan networks
  • Fiber to the antenna (FTTA)
  • Data center interconnects
  • Enterprise wide area networks (WANs)

Please contact FiberGuide with any questions.

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