Network Engineering Services

FiberGuide is uniquely positioned to offer network engineering support to our clients. Our network engineering services include WAN section, free circuit monitoring for our clients and dark fiber support services. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

WAN Service Selection

FiberGuide offers WAN solution selection services for a wide range of applications. In consideration of the wide range of of options available for wide area connectivity including technology types, technical specifications, and pricing plans.

With hundreds of providers at our disposal, WAN service and data center location tools, and the GeoQuote carrier pricing tool, we can get you the most cost-efficient services at the fraction of the time your team will take to work through these services and make a selection.

The following are examples of scenarios in which our services will add significant value:

  • A small business wishing to cost effectively connect two locations with a dedicated link
  • A company wishing to connect its servers to a remote disaster recovery data center
  • A data center provider needing WAN solutions to connect two or more data centers
  • A National Research and Educational Network (NREN) looking for solutions to connect educational institutions
  • An International development organization wishing to connect locations in different continents
  • A bank looking for options to connect thousands of ATMs and branches

Free Circuit Monitoring

FiberGuide offers a free circuit monitoring service on all circuits that are sourced through us. Circuit monitoring enables the end to end circuit user to view their circuit performance metrics or to be notified when their circuit is down. Circuit monitoring is achieved by using Ping and Traceroute.

Ping determines whether an IP address is accessible and whether the circuit is down. If the circuit is down an email notification is sent to the customer.

Traceroute traces IP packets from the customer’s computer to the ISP through all the nodes the packets pass through. In addition to monitoring the routing of your IP traffic through different nodes, traceroute can also measure the time delay (or latency) between nodes and the overall circuit latency and jitter. Using Traceroute, we can also determine any packet losses.

Circuit Monitoring Peering:
In circuit monitoring peering, we monitor our customers’ circuits from two geographically dispersed locations – the US East Coast and West Coast. Such monitoring diversity ensures that two different monitoring paths are used. Performance metrics of the diverse routes are made available to the customer and can be used for triangulation.

Circuit Monitoring Dashboard
The circuit monitoring metrics are available via a web portal for easy access by our customers. While the customer will receive email when the circuit is down, checking performance metrics on the portal may help them identify potential problems before a catastrophic event happens.

To find more about our complementary circuit monitoring service, please contact FiberGuide.

Dark Fiber Support Service

Enterprises may opt to lease dark fiber over bandwidth or wavelengths for a variety of reasons. Dark fiber is passive fiber that has not been lit and does not have any traffic flowing in it. Before settling on the dark fiber leasing model, many questions must be addressed. FiberGuide offers consulting services to help IT managers investigate all the issues that come with leasing dark fiber. The following are some of the issues that we help our clients address:

  • Should you, the leasee, buy your own transmission equipment, light the dark fiber and operate it or opt for a fully managed service in which the leaser is responsible for transmission equipment?
  • What are the specifications of the dark fiber and will it adequately meet immediate and long-term bandwidth requirements?
  • If the dark fiber is being lit at 10Gbps today, will it be upgradeable to 100Gbps and higher data rates when the need arises?
  • We guide our clients on what recent test data they should demand from the dark fiber provider.
  • After clients receive test results from the leaser, we help with the interpretation of ODTR traces, dispersion (PMD and chromatic dispersion) and other test results

Please contact us if you need help leasing dark fiber from a dark fiber provider.

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